Alice Smahina

What's Happening
12 oct, 19:30

Destroying 4 russian helicopters in 18 minutes and Ukraine's history book for Elon Musk: timeline and solutions of October 12

What's Happening
11 oct, 19:29

Second wave of missile attacks and worldwide Ukrainian rallies: timeline of October 11 and key solutions

What's Happening
10 oct, 19:14

Mass shelling of Ukraine and 62 mln for revenge: timeline of October 10 and key solutions

10 oct, 13:07

"We worked like sappers on a minefield": how Art Therapy Center in Rivne helps IDP children and their parents

What's Happening
8 oct, 19:23

Crimean bridge, protective dome Muromets, international aid to Ukraine: timeline of October 8

What's Happening
7 oct, 19:30

Over 1.6 million Ukrainians deported to russia and 800,000 steps for car for Ukrainian army: timeline of October 7 and solutions to win

What's Happening
6 oct, 19:43

Rescued bear from Lyman and russia's terror on Estonia's border: timeline and key solutions of October 6

In Handy
6 oct, 16:46

Warming the front: 5 things you can do to keep Ukraine's defenders warm

What's Happening
5 oct, 19:29

Kamikaze drones, beginning of Luhansk region's de-occupation and solutions to win: timeline of October 5

What's Happening
4 oct, 19:48

Timeline of war: day 223 of russia's war in Ukraine

What's Happening
3 oct, 19:37

Timeline of war: day 222 of russia's war in Ukraine

What's Happening
2 oct, 21:56

Day 221: UA full control over Lyman, Iranian drones, humanitarian aid from Spain, counteroffensive in south

What's Happening
1 oct, 20:45

Day 220: recapturing Lyman, russians kidnaped nuclear plant dicrector, German foreign minister in Ukaine

What's Happening
30 sep, 19:31

Timeline of war: day 219 of russia's war in Ukraine

30 sep, 09:12

Saving Ukraine's libraries: what to do and how to help?

What's Happening
29 sep, 19:35

Timeline of war: day 218 of russia's war in Ukraine

What's Happening
28 sep, 19:21

Timeline of war: day 217 of russia's war in Ukraine

28 sep, 17:35

Fresh start with fitness: how Kharkiv migrant helps women get back to life

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