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Are russians fleeing Kherson and how will Boris Johnson continue to help Ukraine? Timeline and solutions of October 27

Today is day 246 of russia's war in Ukraine: we talk about key events at the front, in the rear, and the world, as well as the leading solutions that approach our victory.

Ukrainian army's successes

📌 The collection of downed enemy aircraft is increasing. Another russian Ka-52 attack helicopter and a russian Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down by AC "Pivden" this morning.

📌 Fierce fighting continues in Donetsk region — Bakhmut direction, Avdiyivka. President Zelensky called our soldiers holding positions in these directions in the Donetsk region heroes.

📌 The occupiers continue to attack Ukraine with Iranian-made kamikaze drones.

So, from 22:00 to 24:00 on October 26, more than two dozen "Shahed-136" were released. The Armed Forces destroyed 19 drones.

📌 In the Dnipropetrovsk region, an anti-aircraft missile unit destroyed an air-guided Kh-59 missile.

📌 Rocket and artillery units completed 190 fire missions. Confirmed losses of the enemy: 53 rocket launchers, 2 mortars, self-propelled large-caliber howitzer "Acacia", 2 armored vehicles, and 2 dugouts with personnel.

📌 At night in the occupied Shakhtarsk in the Donetsk region, russia's fuel tanks exploded. The result is minus 12 tanks. And in occupied Sevastopol (Crimea), the Balaklavsk TPP was attacked by a drone.

📌 "Cotton" also happened at the occupiers' barracks in the Luhansk region. In the populated areas of Korzhove, Svativ district, the occupiers lost 60 units, and at least 10 were officers. About 100 "three hundred" russists were sent to hospitals.

russia's crimes

246 день війни

📌 The russians continue to terrorize the Kyiv region with kamikaze drones. 6 hits were recorded in one of the communities. There were no victims or injured, but the energy system object was damaged ⬆️. In other areas of the region, air defense systems worked.

Due to today's damage to the energy system, NEC "Ukrenergo" is introducing unprecedented emergency restrictions on electricity for Kyiv and the region, and also in Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Cherkasy regions.

📌 Occupiers attacked the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia. According to preliminary information, these were three projectiles of the "Smerch" salvo rocket system. The infrastructure object was destroyed. A fire broke out, but it was extinguished in time.



Наслідки обстрілу в Краматорську

Kramatorsk shelling consequences

📌 A restless night in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) – the occupiers fired at another city industrial enterprise. No victims, but there is destruction.

📌 Mykolaiv region was shelled by the russians 6 times. The infrastructure facility was damaged.

📌 Sumy Oblast. russian military shelled the Khotyn and Bilopillya communities.

📌 In the Donetsk region, the enemy fired at Bakhmut. It is known that there are three dead and two wounded.

📌 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of russia threatens to shoot down the Starlink satellites of Elon Musk, as well as the companies Planet Labs and Maxar — the US satellite group that transmits intelligence data to Ukraine and provides the Armed Forces with secure communication.

📌 The military of the russian federation stole and took away from the Kherson cancer dispensary an irradiator used for radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer patients.

📌 The Children's Ombudsman of the russian federation adopted a Ukrainian boy illegally deported from Mariupol. She also stated that, in total, the russians took out up to two thousand orphans. What really happened? The children were abducted and deported to russia illegally, and now the russians are cutting off opportunities to find real family members by "adopting" them.

📌 During his visit to Ukraine, the President of Guinea-Bissau said that putin is ready for negotiations with Kyiv. Zelensky replied that "putin, who is ready for negotiations," has already struck Ukrainian civilians with 400 drones during this time. russia denies the fact of the "special message."

📌 At the same time, during today's speech from an alternate universe, putin uttered yet another set of lies incompatible with reality. "russia was looking for peace" and "the West is to blame for everything" (but at the same time, the West is not russia's enemy, don't get confused).

📌 Zelensky said that rumors that russians are fleeing from Kherson are an information operation to make the Armed Forces transfer troops there from other dangerous directions. At the same time, he emphasized that the occupation of all of Ukraine is still the plan and mission of the russian armed forces.

Life amid war

📌 President Zelensky signed the law increasing the military budget by UAH 386.9 billion.

📌 Rivne received 500 mobile homes from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

In total, MSB will provide Ukraine with 4,000 mobile homes for the temporary stay of IDPs.

📌 And 10 buses arrived in Bucha from the German sister city of Bergisch Gladbach.


📌 In the Mykolaiv Korabelny district, artists Alyona Martynova and Dmytro Slepukha created a new patriotic mural, "The Tree of Life." ⬆️ This is the third drawing from the artist's charm cycle.


Foreign partners' support

💡 The Armed Forces use Israeli Smart Shooter systems to intercept Iranian drones. The Israeli publication Debka writes about it.

💡 Germany handed over the announced package of military aid to Ukraine. It included MARS II MLRS, Panzerhaubitzen 2000 self-propelled guns, 155-caliber shells, and much more.

💡 The Armed Forces of Lithuania handed over seven armored SUVs and other equipment to Ukraine.

💡 And Romania, together with NATO, will train Ukrainian paramedics.

💡 ​​​​Ukraine will receive $2 million in grant funds within the framework of the "Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Ukraine" program. In the conditions of the electricity supply crisis caused by the attacks of the russian federation, the program is more relevant than ever.

💡 ​​The EU will also help: it will provide Ukraine with 1 billion euros and generators to restore the energy system.

💡 And already in November of this year, Ukraine expects the next tranche of macro-financial aid of the European Union in the amount of 2.5 billion euros, Finance Minister Marchenko stated.

💡Boris Johnson continues to defend Ukraine's interests: the former Prime Minister of Great Britain plans to promote the Marshall Plan for Ukraine on the international stage and hopes to establish a Fund to support Ukraine.

💡 News from the Czech Republic: two bloggers who made hateful statements about Ukrainians were sentenced to prison there. The terms of their imprisonment are six and ten months.

Ukrainians, let's unite!

Український Безпілотник SHARK

The SHARK drone is a fully Ukrainian development

💡 During a full-scale war, Ukrainian manufacturers developed a reconnaissance drone SHARK, which can adjust the fire, particularly of HIMARS systems. The drone has encrypted communication and a camera with 30-fold optical and additional digital zoom and can fly behind enemy lines up to 60 km.

246 день війни

💡 The children's brass band of the Brailovsky House of Culture in Vinnytsia has purchased the third VAZ 2104 car for Ukrainian defenders ⬆️. The team has been touring with charity concerts since June.

246 день війни

💡 Mykola Mykhalchenko, an actor from Kharkiv's "Teatr 19" ⬆️, set out on foot and hitchhiked from Lviv to Kharkiv. With the trip, the volunteer wants to raise money for the medical volunteer battalion "Hospitaliers." Through donations, the actor has already collected 400 thousand of hryvnias.

246 день війни

💡 78-year-old Maria Udalova from Vinnytsia knitted half a thousand pairs of socks for defenders in five years ⬆️. The woman gave the next batch, 60 pairs, to the volunteers of the "Shakhina" center. She says she wants the boys' feet to be warm so that they feel and know they are being cared for here.


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