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Sport competition in shelter, drone from a ten-year-old boy: timeline of October 23 and major solutions

Today is the 242nd day of Russia's war in Ukraine: we talk about key events at the front, in the world, as well as about the main decisions that bring our victory closer


Ukrainian army's successes


📌 Two Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters were destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine yesterday in the southern direction. The hunt continues!

📌 In the Energodar district of the Zaporizhia region, as a result of one strike by the Armed Forces, 4 D-30 howitzers, 3 trucks with ammunition, up to 50 enemy servicemen, and about 40 more were wounded.

📌Defenders of Ukraine injured up to 150 occupiers in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, and about 100 in Zaporizhia region.

📌 The Armed Forces continue to move the front line in the Kherson region. And the information about "the expulsion of Ukrainian troops from some populated areas of the region" is a hostile lie. Humenyuk, a spokeswoman of OK "South" press center, announced this on the air of the telethon.

📌 In Kherson, they stopped accepting rubles en masse. Many pharmacies and gas stations require payment only in hryvnias. Kherson residents also say that they do not want to exchange rubles or exchange at a rate that has risen sharply.

📌 This night, 14 kamikaze drones were shot down over the Mykolaiv region. Two more — in the east and in the center of the country. In total, 273 "martyrs" were landed during the war.

📌 Ukrainian intelligence has samples of Iranian kamikaze drones and is studying their components.

Life amid war

📌 In Kryvyi Rih, one of the bomb shelters hosted the hand-to-hand combat championship. This is the first city sports event since the introduction of martial law. More than 100 young wrestlers aged 10 to 15 had the opportunity to show their skills.

📌 Motor Sich engines were found in downed helicopters of the Russian Federation. SBU arrested the honorary president of "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev. He is accused of treason.


Foreign partners' support

💡 ​​Switzerland will allocate 15 million francs for the development of new digital services and services necessary for Ukrainians during a full-scale war.

💡 Germany handed Ukraine a new batch of weapons and tens of thousands of sets of winter equipment.

💡 Aeallt was held in Berlin against Iran's sale of Russian kamikaze drones. 80,000 people, including Germans, Iranians, and Ukrainians, came to the rally.

💡 Israel bombed the assembly site of Iranian drones in Syria.

💡 A historic day in Italy – for the first time since 1974, for exactly 7 days, the country did not import a single cube of Russian gas from Gazprom.


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