Alice Smahina

In Handy
28 oct, 08:15

Grandparents' Day: 10 ways to support older people during war

What’s Happening
27 oct, 19:22

Are russians fleeing Kherson and how will Boris Johnson continue to help Ukraine? Timeline and solutions of October 27

What's Happening
26 oct, 19:32

NASAMS from US and Poland's recognition of russian regime as terrorist: timeline and solutions of October 26

In Handy
26 oct, 14:24

Fully prepared for winter: what everyone should have at home

What's Happening
25 oct, 19:40

russia is preparing for Kherson's defense, and Steinmeier's visit to Kyiv: timeline and solutions of October 25

25 oct, 18:49

From socks and sit pads to rebuilding Ukraine: how knitters help soldiers survive cold

What's Happening
24 oct, 19:14

Looted Kherson and "dirty bomb": timeline and solutions of October 24

24 oct, 14:50

Hibuki therapy: how a hug dog helps Ukrainian children cope with stress of war

What's Happening
23 oct, 20:52

Sport competition in shelter, drone from a ten-year-old boy: timeline of October 23 and major solutions

What's Happening
22 oct, 22:03

Strikes on energy infrastructure and Johnson's return: timeline of October 22 and major solutions

22 oct, 17:27

Possible terrorist attack at the Kakhovska HPP: how to act in case of flooding?

What's Happening
21 oct, 19:23

Kakhovka dam mining and Elon Musk's problems in Washington: timeline and solutions of October 21

What's Happening
20 oct, 19:42

russia's likely withdrawal from Kherson and special tribunal in the Hague: timeline and solutions of October 20

What's Happening
19 oct, 19:44

Christmas plans and russian gas alternative: timeline and solutions of October 19

What's Happening
18 oct, 19:43

Polish Bayraktar for Ukraine and sanctions against Iran: timeline and solutions of October 18

In Handy
18 oct, 17:53

Cooking without a stove: hot dishes recipes for when there is no light

What's Happening
17 oct, 19:36

108 Ukrainian women released from russian captivity and EU's €500 MLN military aid: timeline and solutions of October 17

What's Happening
15 oct, 20:29

Musk epic and new weapons for Ukraine: what happened on October 15 and solutions to win

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