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What’s Going On

What's Happening
15 oct, 09:33

"Lifetime sentence for corruption, and marijuana legalization:" what's wrong with Zelenskyi's national poll

12 oct, 14:45

"There is a risk that people will die right at the polling stations." Can they postpone local elections in Ukraine?

She's Got It
12 oct, 11:40

More women in politics: why Ukraine has gender quotas

12 oct, 08:50

Olympic College in Kyiv closing: who needs a vast sports complex

What's Happening
10 oct, 14:45

32 years of war: why fighting is happening again in Nagorno-Karabakh

9 oct, 11:45

Organ and bone marrow transplantation in Ukraine: how and whose lives it will save

7 oct, 15:45

3-km lines and 5 days at the border: how a Ukrainian can cross the Hungarian border during a pandemic and not go crazy

2 oct, 12:30

"Fokin's dismissal is a holiday. In western Ukraine, good contrivers drink moonshine" - People's Deputy Bakunets on Rada, depression, and love of food

1 oct, 15:10

UN global renovation: what's wrong with the organization and how to change it

Election 2020
28 sep, 17:00

Former People's Deputies, party collector and passionate nationalist: what’s important to know about Kyiv mayoral candidates

28 sep, 13:05

"No one would've become a People's Deputy if not for the Servants of the People branding" - Olena Shuliak on ties with Russia, Honcharuk's work, and the Chanel bag

26 sep, 18:26

"They were waiting for these flights": what we know about the cadets on board of the AN-26

16 sep, 13:05

"People were deep down in perversion, and God got tired of it": what is going on in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and who will take over the Academy after Paton's death

14 sep, 11:30

"As soon as the opportunity of the 2nd round turns up, we have a chance": People's Deputy Kravchuk on "Servant of the People" at the election, Bohdan’s interview, and The Dark Knight

8 sep, 11:37

Temperature of 33,5 C no longer surprises people: how Ukrainian students study at the time of COVID-19

7 sep, 11:15

"Rada becomes less constructive because of elections": People's Deputy Pidlasa on style, sexism, and the government achievements

What's Going On
26 aug, 17:10

Surrender to Moscow or play our own game: will Zelensky be able to end the war in Donbas by the end of the year?

In Short
27 jul, 20:24

“Ukraine’s biggest problem is trust and predictability.” Key points of Ilya Ponomarev’s interview

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