18 may, 17:59

Azovstal bombing could kill flora and fauna of Sea of Azov

25 apr, 20:05

"Oil fuels war": Greenpeace activists blocked russian tanker in Norway

11 apr, 09:57

russians who dug trenches in Chornobyl's Red Forest have radiation sickness, Energoatom reports

28 mar, 20:03

How Russia's war against Ukraine can affect birds

27 mar, 17:33

In the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant due to hostilities burning more than 10 thousand hectares of forests

17 mar, 23:08

Silence Can Be Explosive: Five Experts Urge Governments to Halt Russian Nuclear Terrorism Now

17 mar, 21:01

Ukrainian environmental organizations sent an open letter to countries which still cooperate with russia in nuclear energy

11 mar, 13:42

Putin orders to prepare a terrorist attack on Chornobyl nuclear power plant - Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Defense Intelligence

11 mar, 10:13

"Have you decided to de-chemicalize Ukraine?": Zelenskyy says Russia is capable of carrying out a chemical attack

10 mar, 12:42

Chornobyl nuclear power plant without electricity: what is the danger

8 mar, 19:21

Threat to Ukraine's nuclear facilities remains at the highest level

4 mar, 22:23

"The capture of Chornobyl nuclear plant is nuclear terrorism": Ukraine appealed to IAEA

4 mar, 08:25

"Terrorist state has resorted to nuclear terror. If there's an explosion, it means the end of Europe": Zelenskyy calls on the West to wake up and respond to Russian shelling of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

3 mar, 16:00

More than 120 human rights, environmental, and other NGOs call on governments to ban Russian and Belarusian timber imports

7 feb, 08:45

Kengurush against fast fashion: how volunteers help share unneeded things

4 feb, 08:55

2022 Olympic Games and ecology. What solutions will Beijing surprise us with?

31 jan, 16:30

From waste to art: how Zhytomyr region solves the problem of glass waste

24 jan, 18:15

Real price of plastic bags is health. How the ban works in Ukraine

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