21 sep, 13:38

The term "ecocide" should be defined as new crime in international law – Ukraine's environment minister

19 sep, 18:04

“Ukraine's victory will make Europe's dependence on the Russian Federation and China impossible” or How Ukrainian subsoil can transform into an investment magnet

19 sep, 14:43

Russia has caused $57 bln in environmental damage in Ukraine

17 sep, 09:58

Kyiv activists joined World Cleanup day by hosting dozens of garbage-cleaning campaigns

15 sep, 17:41

EU-funded mobile app for real-time tracking of air quality launched in Ukraine's central Dnipro region

13 sep, 12:59

Fires ravage Askania-Nova: What is the impact on the Russian-occupied reserve?

8 sep, 16:20

Eco-solution: Waste sorting boxes installed near every kindergarten and school in western Chernivtsi

5 sep, 16:20

Stephen King wouldn't dream: what is happening with pet cemeteries in Kyiv

5 sep, 16:02

New housing for IDPs: communal buildings are transformed into eco-friendly multi-apartment buildings

5 sep, 15:38

Ukraine incurs $1.5 bln loss and faces desertification of south due to shallowing of Kakhovka Reservoir

2 sep, 09:48

Start with yourself: how activists from Zaporizhzhia adjust their region to climate change

1 sep, 17:55

Ukrainian NGO UAnimals to hold national cleaning march in conservation areas

1 sep, 14:41

How to help communities deal with garbage: the cases of Slavutych and Konotop

31 aug, 15:04

Endangered birds, new ecosystems, and a bunch of lakes: how the former Oskil Reservoir lives a year after the destruction

28 aug, 16:57

Why is there still mass euthanasia of animals in Ukraine, and how to counter the illegal killing of stray cats and dogs?

27 aug, 19:34

Ukraine to create a Coordination Group to solve ecology issues in Kherson region

24 aug, 15:37

Green revival: How former reservoir of Kakhovka changed in two months after dam explosion

19 aug, 19:10

Kakhovka dam cannot be restored – Ukraine's Interior Ministry

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