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NASAMS from US and Poland's recognition of russian regime as terrorist: timeline and solutions of October 26

Today is day 245 of russia's war in Ukraine: we talk about key events at the front, in the rear, and the world, as well as the leading solutions that approach our victory.


Ukrainian army's successes

📌 Ukrainian military continues counteroffensive in the Kherson region. However, the advance slowed down due to weather conditions, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said.

He noted that the war in Ukraine is now in its third stage, the gradual liberation of the occupied territories. During the first stage, it was necessary to stop the russian army, and during the second, to stabilize the situation along the entire front line.

Hanna Malyar, Defense Minister's Deputy, urged to trust the Armed Forces and emphasized that the situation is under control. "We are not losing territory," the deputy minister assured.

📌 The Armed Forces have full control over the bridges across the Dnipro, which affects logistics and makes it impossible for the occupiers to escape safely.

📌 Minus one more "alligator" — a russian Ka-52 attack helicopter was shot down today in the Beryslav district of the Kherson region.

📌 The General Staff confirmed the destruction of 30 russian soldiers in the village of Kairy in the Kherson region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. More than a hundred russists remained under the rubble. In Hornostaivka, after the detonation of the ammunition, the movement of a large number of ambulances was observed. russian losses are carefully concealed.

📌 During the day, the Armed Forces repelled attacks in the districts of 11 settlements of the Donetsk region.

📌 As a result of point strikes, the artillery of the Defense Forces destroyed an ammunition warehouse and more than 10 kadyrovtsy in settlement of Novoivanivka, Luhansk region. Up to 10 occupiers and about 5 trucks with ammunition were also destroyed in settlement of Svatove.

📌 The Defense Forces aviation during the past day struck 21 times. It was confirmed that 17 areas of concentration of weapons and military equipment, 2 strongholds, as well as 2 positions of the enemy's air defense system were hit. Air defense units shot down 5 enemy UAVs.

📌 In Kherson, "cotton" flew to the training ground, where the occupiers were training the mobilized.

10 українських воїнів повернулися з полону

📌 As part of another exchange of prisoners, 10 Ukrainian soldiers were returned home ⬆️. The body of an American volunteer, a veteran of the US Army, Joshua Alan Jones, who fought for Ukraine and died in a battle with the occupiers, was also returned.

russia's crimes

245 день війни

russian terrorists launched rockets on Dnipro, but fragments of the projectile fell on a local gas station.

📌 As a result of yesterday's evening strike by the occupiers on Dnipro, two people were killed, four more were injured, and three were in serious condition. Among the dead is a pregnant woman.

russians cynically reported that "an oil storage facility was destroyed, from which diesel fuel was supplied to a group of troops in Donbas."

📌 Yesterday, during the day, the russians shelled the border of the Sumy region 12 times. 106 different projectiles were fired at seven border communities.

There was mortar shelling from the territory of the russian federation in the Bilopillya community. A total of 27 hits.

📌 Peaceful settlements in the Kherson region were shelled twice. 

📌 Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia region, was heavily shelled at night. Reactive volley fire systems with incendiary ammunition hit there. As a result of the attack, six apartments in a high-rise building and private houses burned.

Two people died, and one was injured in the nearby village of Preobrazhenka.

📌 Around 3:10 a.m., the russians launched a rocket attack on Druzhkivka in the Donetsk region. The college building was destroyed, and high-rise buildings were damaged.

📌 Last day, the enemy launched 5 missile strikes and up to 30 airstrikes, carried out more than 100 multiple rocket launcher attacks. Areas of more than 40 settlements were affected. Among them are the city of Dnipro and the region, Prykolotne of the Kharkiv region, and Velyka Oleksandrivka of the Kherson region.

📌 Invaders are terrorizing people from four occupied regions — they are not allowed to enter the territory controlled by Ukraine. The population of the Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions was held hostage by the occupiers. Yesterday, the occupiers released a total of 94 people from the occupied parts of four regions of Ukraine to Zaporizhzhia.

📌 The occupiers are not evacuating the Kherson Region but are relocating people. The Institute for the Study of War believes that the goal of the "resettlement program" assumes that the occupiers will take the population of the Kherson region to a permanent place of residence.

📌 The russians took out of Kherson not only the monument of Prince Potemkin but also his remains, which were buried on the territory of the city's St. Catherine's Cathedral. 

📌 russian weapons continue to maim Ukrainians even after the de-occupation. A 71-year-old woman was blown up by a mine while grazing cattle near Kozacha Lopan in the Kharkiv region. She was hospitalized with injuries.

And in the Izyum district, a car of pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service was blown up by a mine. One rescuer died, and five others were injured.

📌 In the newly liberated territories, about a thousand bodies of the dead were exhumed. The shocking facts of the atrocities of the occupiers have revealed: among the dead are not only military personnel but also civilians — adults and children.

📌 As of the morning of October 26, 2022, more than 1,252 children were injured in Ukraine due to the full-scale armed aggression of the russian federation. According to the official information of juvenile prosecutors, 430 children died, and more than 822 got injuries of various degrees of severity.

Life amid war

💡 Heroes of the Azov regiment street has officially appeared in the Obolon region in Kyiv.

245 день війни

📌 In the Czech city of Litomerzhitsi, unknown persons turned the pedestal of the monument to Soviet soldiers into a washing machine⬆️ Now, the monument corresponds to modern realities and reflects a typical russian soldier.

 У звільненому Куп'янську відкрили відділення

📌 In the recently liberated Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, a branch of Ukrposhta opened, and pensions began to be paid. (Photo above).


Foreign partners' support

💡 Germany will provide Ukraine with two MARS installations and four howitzers and will also continue the supply of air defense systems.

💡 Australia will provide Ukraine with 30 more Bushmaster armored vehicles and will also send its military to Great Britain to train Ukrainian defenders.

💡 The Senate of Poland adopted a resolution recognizing the regime in russia as terrorist.

💡 New Prime Minister of Great Britain

Rishi Sunak emphasized "Great Britain's unwavering support to Ukraine."

💡 The USA handed over the first two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile complexes to strengthen air defense.

💡 Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog announced that he would provide the United States with evidence of the use of Iranian drones by russian forces.

💡 Estonia bans the import of russian oil two months earlier than planned – from December 5.

💡In connection with russia's war in Ukraine, the Nobel Foundation decided not to invite the ambassadors of the russian federation and Belarus to the award ceremony in Stockholm this year.

Ukrainians, let's unite!

💡 In the south of Ukraine, the first combat use of the "ePPO" application occurred. "Kalibr" flew at a very low altitude, and the locator could not track it. Vigilant citizens saw the rocket and alerted the military using the ePPO application. Kalibr is destroyed!

💡 Five large passenger buses from the Rivne region arrived in Dnipro. They will be on city routes instead of transport mutilated during an enemy missile attack on one of the ATPs.

245 день війни

💡 Kharkiv designer Kateryna Uvarova ⬆️ makes and sells accessories from bullet casings to raise money for reconstructing the Hryhoriy Skovoroda museum destroyed by the occupiers.

💡 More than four thousand hryvnias were collected during a charity open volleyball tournament in Vinnytsia. The money was transferred to the displaced people who live on the basis of one of the city's schools.

Школярі Арцизька зібрали на генератор для ЗСУ

Artsyzk schoolchildren fundraised for a generator for the Armed Forces

💡 Pupils of the Artsyzk school in Odesa (photo above) presented the Armed Forces soldiers with a gasoline generator, which was purchased with funds collected during a charity event held at the school. The "Let's help our defenders" gathering united parents, students, and teachers.

💡 Artists of Ukraine and Kazakhstan united to help Ukrainians. A joint VOICE of PEACE anti-war concert was held in Almaty, and all collected funds were donated to two children's oncology departments in clinical hospitals in Lviv and Derhachov (Kharkiv region).

💡 And Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova during the online marathon "Together we are millions," begins collecting UAH 1,000,000 for prosthetics for Ukrainian military personnel.

245 день війни

💡 More than two thousand "energy" bars were prepared and sent to the defenders of the residents of the village of Koniv, Mohyliv-Podilskyi district (Vinnytsia region) ⬆️. Tetyana Adamchuk, a resettler from the Kherson Region, organized everything.

💡 According to the Suspilne survey, 87% of Ukrainians have donated to the Armed Forces at least once. Together we are a force!


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