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Rubryka, the media of helpful solutions 

We are the first media in Ukraine in the format of solution journalism. What does it mean? We talk not only about problems but also about how they can be solved at the national, community, or personal level. 

We collect stories, explaining how and why they work or fail, what the people implementing them encountered, the results, and how the solution can be scaled.

We hope that this will help our readers become agents of change in their lives, Ukraine, and the world.

We create articles that should be useful to you, our readers.

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News — promptly about what is worth knowing.

What's Going On — explainers from the world of politics, economics, and current events. 

Cases — stories of entrepreneurs, social initiatives, and practices worth spreading.

In Handy — health, psychology, education, and inspiration for every day.

EcoRubric — everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the ecology of Ukraine and the world.

She's Got It — the rubric for socially active women. Our articles will help you become even stronger.

Invest in Ukraine — growth and business development, investments in victory and reconstruction.

Urban — urban development and urban practices.

eRubric — we follow technologies and digitalization.

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