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5 dec, 08:56

EU supports creation of state-of-the-art data centres to enhance National Police operations

4 dec, 14:06

Rada reduces registration period for coronavirus vaccines to five days

4 dec, 13:10

Kyiv resident creates banana farm at home: how to grow tropical fruits off your own bat

4 dec, 11:21

Prime Minister suspects there'll be no toughening of quarantine in December

4 dec, 10:12

Don't want to deal with courts? Mediation to the rescue

4 dec, 09:54

Ministry of Health doesn't recommend introducing lockdown until the end of December

4 dec, 09:15

Meet new-way hotels. 10 changes due to coronavirus

3 dec, 17:54

Ukraine and Switzerland sign memorandum on production of ventilators in Khmelnytskyi

3 dec, 16:05

Electronic business cards and coffee from another part of world: how coronavirus changed international conferences

What's Happening
3 dec, 11:01

Intellectual quarantine: what to expect for New Year?

3 dec, 10:35

Clothing protecting against information junk

3 dec, 09:20

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: 10 stories about inclusion in Ukraine

3 dec, 09:14

St. Andrew's Church to open to visitors in December, after 5 years of restoration

3 dec, 08:55

Inclusiveness trend: is it profitable for business to be inclusive?

2 dec, 15:15

Imported coronavirus vaccines to be exempt from VAT - Prime Minister

2 dec, 14:07

Weekend quarantine won't continue - Shmyhal

2 dec, 09:12

We can avoid tragedies at bus stops. Pedestrian protection solutions

2 dec, 08:42

Fur farms in Ukraine: can Danish collapse happen to us?

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