Alice Smahina

She's got it
4 aug, 10:46

STEM girls: Ukrainian initiative overcomes gender stereotypes in science and technology studies specialties

1 aug, 13:33

Two hours of carefree childhood: the children's support project helps young Ukrainians during the war

27 jul, 15:31

New life in abandoned houses and transformation of common space: a community in Vinnytsia built shelters for displaced people

26 jul, 12:35

How Ukrainians honor the memory of fallen defenders

21 jul, 12:22

"Better than before:" Kyiv region community implements energy-efficient solution to restore a medical dispensary shelled by the Russian occupiers

17 jul, 11:40

"Mavka" and "Pamfir": Streaming platforms to watch Ukrainian movies legally

14 jul, 12:30

Elderly people don't give up: how older Ukrainians bring the victory closer

She's got it
12 jul, 16:07

Those who shout to the world about war: how Ukrainian women protest abroad

In Handy
11 jul, 17:10

Living with a stoma: limitations, self-acceptance, and the Ukrainian context

10 jul, 14:13

Support crafters and discover new tastes in Ukraine: Katran gastro project promotes local manufacturers of Transcarpathia

10 jul, 12:51

Bloody lakes, sirens under the windows and crushed tanks: global protests against the war in Ukraine

5 jul, 13:36

From reconstruction to helping farmers: foreign experiences used to alleviate flooding consequences in Kherson region

She's got it
3 jul, 13:56

Lifting up voices of women in need: Woman for Woman supports women in challenging life circumstances

27 jun, 16:22

Raising children's environmental awareness: five initiatives from Ukraine

27 jun, 12:09

Work for IDPs: five Ukrainian initiatives that help displaced people find job opportunities

23 jun, 15:15

Not a panacea, but a chance: How a psychological support app for veterans works

20 jun, 14:45

Do it yourself: Village in Cherkasy region opened a space that united its residents

19 jun, 14:48

Media Academy in Dnipro helps internally displaced children rejoice in life

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