1 nov, 10:34

Ukrainian businesses become more eco-friendly, economical, and adaptive amid war

31 oct, 14:29

Ukrainian historians use digital reconstruction to preserve and popularize archaeological heritage

30 oct, 10:07

Ukrainian drone production increased 100 times over in previous year – digital minister

27 oct, 20:17

Solutions to win: Ukrainian volunteers created electronic warfare station to control FPV drones

27 oct, 17:26

Ukraine tests locally made ST1 demining drone

25 oct, 13:15

AI started creating nudes and deepfakes: what to do if you have become a victim

17 oct, 16:10

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukraine launches innovative digital platform for industrial fishing project

16 oct, 17:53

“We don't know who is on the other side of the screen”: how to identify Russian bots on social media

16 oct, 12:55

Ukrainian farmers use robots in fields and gardens to boost crop yields

1 oct, 10:15

Solutions to win: Ukraine completes field tests of newly made Fury combat robot

28 sep, 21:10

Ukrainian developers present list of finance apps that sponsor Russia's war

27 sep, 13:18

Ukrainian activists propose AI regulation to combat Russian disinformation

26 sep, 20:20

Military Tactical Simulators: Differences Between Ukrainian and World Manufacturers

25 sep, 08:58

The startup representing Ukraine, which will compete in the USA for $1,000,000, has been determined

15 sep, 16:17

"Children of Heroes" opens fundraiser for free IT education for children of fallen Ukrainian soldiers

14 sep, 12:46

Ukrainian developers present AI-based fake news detection app

12 sep, 13:48

Solutions to win: Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov unveils new drone center

10 sep, 20:39

Solutions to win: Ukraine approves domestic attack drone KH-S7 for use in armed forces

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