Alice Smahina

23 feb, 18:45

Experience the world blinded: how an inclusive museum in Kyiv does tours in complete darkness

21 feb, 09:10

When your native language is on the verge of extinction. How they save Crimean Tatar in Ukraine

17 feb, 09:38

Innovative "antifreeze" solutions. How the cities of the world and Ukraine fight snow and ice

She's Got It
16 feb, 13:45

Truth about home birth in Ukraine. What you need to know after the tragedy of a new mother's death in Rivne

She's Got It
11 feb, 09:15

Women in science. 11 Ukrainian women, whose discoveries changed the world

10 feb, 15:37

Cat feeders by schoolchildren: how they help homeless animals in Lviv

9 feb, 19:00

Every day Ukraine burns. What you need to know to get out of fire

9 feb, 09:55

Things for "thanks": how volunteers in Chernihiv help the poor

8 feb, 09:45

Winning over the Ox. How to celebrate Chinese New Year

4 feb, 13:19

A commodity or a living being? What's wrong with Ukrainian pet stores

2 feb, 08:45

Groundhog Day: how to live February 2 for fantastic 2021

29 jan, 15:23

How the entire community switched to bicycles: a story from Chernihiv region

26 jan, 09:50

Workshop for former alcoholics and drug addicts. How social business in Lviv brings back to life

She's Got It
25 jan, 16:43

If a child has Down syndrome or autism. How should parents accept? Advice from a psychologist and a mother who could

22 jan, 10:05

A house in two months: how veterans build unusual housing in Lviv region

21 jan, 08:55

How to protect your skin under mask: everything you need to know about mask problems

17 jan, 09:00

Snow Day. Interesting facts, games, and how often Ukraine will be lucky with winter

She's Got It
14 jan, 11:15

"You're making things up!" or why women aren't often treated: how inequality manifests itself in medical field

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