Invest in Ukraine

7 nov, 18:56

Ukraine's path to global competitiveness: creating its equivalent of "Real Madrid" in subsoil exploitation

26 oct, 17:06

Ukraine’s book business during war: Ukrainians want to read their own, but Russia may enter the market again

24 oct, 13:05

Buying homes in wartime: who's doing it and is it justified?

11 oct, 13:32

Big businesses that prioritize philanthropy: five cases during the war

19 sep, 18:04

“Ukraine's victory will make Europe's dependence on the Russian Federation and China impossible” or How Ukrainian subsoil can transform into an investment magnet

Special project
14 jul, 16:33

Music that unites: patrons from Germany and Ukraine revive Bucha School of Arts

30 jun, 19:22

Supporting Ukrainian business abroad is crucial for victory

Special project
11 may, 15:11

A sport to outdo yourself: a cafe in Kyiv promotes golf culture in Ukraine

10 may, 09:12

Diia app grants: how to get financing for opening and developing a business

3 may, 15:37

Ukrainian service, food, and alcohol conquer European markets

24 apr, 12:40

Ukrainian farmers face another planting season filled with mines and market challenges – but also hope to reap wartime solutions

27 mar, 13:14

Business during the war: three stories that inspire

Special project
24 feb, 12:00

"I know where I will return," or the case of a business supporting employees at the front line

Special Project
20 nov, 12:30

Helping children, rebuilding music school and trucks in convoy: how charity fund founded because of war works

Special Project
12 oct, 10:05

Launching new plant during war or business that started with explosions

Special project
12 jul, 15:35

"The most stress-resistant business in the world": how Ukrainian companies unite against the enemy and for Ukraine

23 apr, 12:37

Ukrainian courage becomes a brand, big business join #BRAVEUKRAINE movement

Business Solution
11 apr, 10:56

"Amidst the war, there are no set processes, strategies, algorithms. Every day, everything is different", BGV Group Management

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