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4 dec, 14:06

Rada reduces registration period for coronavirus vaccines to five days

4 dec, 11:21

Prime Minister suspects there'll be no toughening of quarantine in December

4 dec, 09:54

Ministry of Health doesn't recommend introducing lockdown until the end of December

2 dec, 15:15

Imported coronavirus vaccines to be exempt from VAT - Prime Minister

27 nov, 12:15

How to fast in winter and not harm your immunity: 7 tips and 3 unusual recipes

24 nov, 12:27

Minister of Culture is in favor of a two-week lockdown for New Year holidays

24 nov, 09:31

Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ministry of Health develop a tracking mechanism to send contact persons to self-isolation

23 nov, 14:34

Klitschko stated why mass COVID-19 testing is impossible

18 nov, 16:54

"Put on masks and wear without removing them! We've nowhere to put patients": Todurov addressed Ukrainians

17 nov, 12:49

Shmyhal explained how they prepared healthcare for pandemic over last six months

17 nov, 09:04

Stepanov believes there'll be 30,000 patients a day without quarantine

16 nov, 16:55

Pandemic is a disaster for the deaf. How to communicate with the world in masks

16 nov, 13:29

Ministry of Health will evaluate weekend quarantine effectiveness in two weeks: they also offer work in hospitals

12 nov, 10:07

World Bank will provide Ukraine with $30.3 million to fight coronavirus

9 nov, 09:51

Ministry of Health offers weekend quarantine: Stepanov explained what would work

7 nov, 09:12

Coronavirus at home: treatment, self-isolation, and CT not done

4 nov, 12:36

Ukraine may introduce a "weekend" quarantine - Minister of Health

2 nov, 14:07

Ministry of Health deploys COVID-hospital in Palace of Sports in Kyiv - Liashko

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