29 sep, 16:24

Solutions to win: Lviv unveils "Recovery" rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers

24 sep, 20:42

Two mobile dental clinics to provide vital care to underserved communities in Donetsk region

Poland Ukraine
24 sep, 19:19

United to win: Ukraine and Poland team up to establish major military medical hub

20 sep, 16:17

Solutions to win: Ukrainian volunteer-made Backfire drone authorized for use in combat

18 sep, 14:45

Mobile doctor brigades provided over 10,000 medical services in Ukraine’s distant villages in less than a year

12 sep, 16:33

United to win: Rheinmetall donates modern mobile field hospital to Ukraine

12 sep, 14:28

Ukraine has opened nine psychological support hotlines to aid people affected by war

9 sep, 12:33

Solutions from Ukraine: Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital opens unique sleep laboratory

Новини компаній
5 sep, 12:37

Esculab Laboratory offers blood testing for donations to support Ukrainian soldiers

2 sep, 15:21

Kyiv Heart Institute surgeons perform unique operation, implanting prosthesis through subclavian artery

31 aug, 16:58

Ukrainian SoftServe and Superhumans companies launch US-backed mission to provide prosthetics to military and civilians

30 aug, 13:20

Ukraine's Zhytomyr region opens childcare training center for nurses and parents

25 aug, 16:05

Caritas charitable fund and Swiss Embassy open supported accommodation house for young people with disabilities in Lviv region

24 aug, 11:00

American surgeons will perform free plastic surgery on Ukrainian soldiers

22 aug, 16:15

Ukraine to create mixed medical commissions to facilitate prisoner exchange

21 aug, 23:04

Ukraine: 15,000 school psychologists trained by UNESCO to support learners and teachers

18 aug, 15:30

59,000 Ukrainians have reached out to Ministry of Social Policy for prosthetic help in six months

7 aug, 15:25

Italy starts medical care project to provide prosthetics treatment to war-affected Ukrainians

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