Освіта і наука

4 feb, 15:00

"It's not yours, and you're mad": what's happening with Mohyla Academy

3 feb, 16:30

American University Kyiv's operational opening took place in the capital: what is known

17 jan, 13:30

Cocoa without sugar and buckwheat without salt: what's wrong with the new school menu?

16 jan, 16:05

Yoi: a language app for children of national minorities created in Ukraine

14 jan, 10:55

American University Kyiv to open in Kyiv: details announced at Ukrainian Embassy to the United States

14 jan, 10:08

No leak of personal data after massive cyber attack on government websites - SBU

14 jan, 08:59

MFA Ukraine, other gov’t sites hit by massive cyber attack

12 jan, 20:59

New kamikaze drones developed in Ukraine

3 jan, 13:35

Santas for polar explorers: the first detachment of the seasonal expedition reached Vernadsky station

22 dec, 11:22

Students from Odesa selected for Elon Musk's space project

19 dec, 17:59

How will a new American University in River Port building look like: photo

10 dec, 10:25

Not a whim, but a behavioral disorder: attention deficit disorder in schoolchildren and what to do with it

9 dec, 10:49

New addition near Vernadsky station: baby penguins were born

3 dec, 19:00

How crowdfunding helps promote health in schools

2 dec, 17:21

Audubon Bioscience with Ukrainian founders raised about $350,000 for biotechnology development

1 dec, 16:35

An online course School of Critical Thinking from the 4th Brother for schoolkids presented in Kyiv

30 nov, 16:21

Ukrainian teachers' salaries to increase by 8.4% from December

29 nov, 15:36

Zhytomyr receives a 30-year loan for thermal modernization of schools and kindergartens

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