Освіта і наука

13 sep, 16:46

Former CIA chief covers tuition fee for son of fallen Ukrainian soldier

13 sep, 15:26

"STEM is FEM" develops educational series on how to rebuild Ukrainian cities

7 sep, 15:25

Ukrainian activist wins coveted Barack Obama Foundation scholarship

4 sep, 16:10

Solutions to win: Lviv students learn to fly drones in schools

1 sep, 18:51

Experts reveal what Russian narratives are being taught to schoolchildren in occupied Ukrainian territories

1 sep, 11:11

Solutions to win: Kyiv volunteers sent 300 stationery sets to schoolchildren from eastern frontline region

19 aug, 22:47

The Minister of Education: If a student has not slept and is tired due to night worries, he may not go to the first lesson

19 aug, 09:15

Gentle preparation for school. When to start and how to act right

13 aug, 22:30

American University Kyiv cooperates with the world’s leading productivity software for creating data-driven presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint – think-cell

She's got it
4 aug, 10:46

STEM girls: Ukrainian initiative overcomes gender stereotypes in science and technology studies specialties

24 jul, 21:00

Solution to win: Ukrainian teenager invents Russian drone interception system

18 jul, 11:10

Ukrainian polar explorers successfully collect skin and fat samples of killer whales for crucial genetic study

10 jul, 09:16

European Central Bank offers scholarships to talented Ukrainian students

3 jul, 11:56

70% of schools in Ukraine are equipped with bomb shelters – education minister

28 jun, 14:51

Zelensky introduces bill making English co-official language, to support EU integration

26 jun, 11:15

SavED Charity Fund opens online platform to gather funds for reconstruction of Ukrainian schools

24 jun, 19:31

Finnish company opens free educational center in Chernihiv region

23 jun, 12:17

Ukraine's digital ministry collaborates with tech giant Cisco to foster educational initiatives

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