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15 nov, 14:02

Children are agents of change. How separate waste collection works in schools of Mykolaiv

13 nov, 16:15

Visualization, e-journal, scribing: top 5 effective teaching methods using modern gadgets

11 nov, 14:05

Quality of education: how we understand it and what it is

11 nov, 13:05

Scientific scandal. Sociologist with misogynistic statements defended his doctorate

10 nov, 10:12

Be your own accountant. Learning financial literacy

9 nov, 16:55

How is the Academy of Sciences changing? First interview of Anatolii Zahorodniy, the new head of the NASU after Borys Paton

3 nov, 09:35

Quality education kinder to your wallet: tips for youth

2 nov, 10:00

War for reforms and future of science: fighting for rector's chair flared up in Taras Shevchenko KNU

21 oct, 18:30

Causing downpour or hitting glass with kettlebell: what are the surprises of Museum of Science in Kyiv

19 oct, 10:50

How does the best teacher of Ukraine of 2020 conduct lessons? Tips and life rules from Vasyl Diakiv

7 oct, 18:43

After Paton: Anatolii Zahorodnyi became President of NASU

21 sep, 20:27

Scientists from the Western region of Ukraine supported Anatolii Zahorodnii in the election of the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

16 sep, 13:05

"People were deep down in perversion, and God got tired of it": what is going on in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and who will take over the Academy after Paton's death

8 sep, 11:37

Temperature of 33,5 C no longer surprises people: how Ukrainian students study at the time of COVID-19

12 sep, 12:04

Unique Bohdan Kravchuk: how a guy with Down syndrome received a higher education

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