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Looted Kherson and "dirty bomb": timeline and solutions of October 24

Today is eight months—day 243—of russia's war in Ukraine: we talk about key events at the front, in the rear, and the world, as well as the leading solutions that approach our victory.


Ukrainian army's successes

📌 The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy the enemy. Four hundred seventy more russian occupiers were eliminated in a day!

📌 Good news from the Donetsk direction. According to preliminary information, the Ukrainian Armed Forces knocked out russia from the asphalt plant on the outskirts of Bakhmut. It took the russians two months to take it, while our defenders only 48 hours to retake it.

📌 The russians are gradually leaving the right bank of the Dnieper and trying to concentrate their forces on the left bank, the South Operational Command says.

🇺🇦 The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated more than 90 settlements in the Kherson Region (remember, last week, there were 88). The Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently fighting the russians for one of the strategic roads.

🇺🇦 The Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed out the russian occupiers from Karmazynivka, Miasozharivka, Nevske (Luhansk Region), and Novosadove (Donetsk Region).

📌 Ukraine's Air Force made 17 strikes on enemy positions: it was confirmed that 13 areas of concentration of russian weapons and military equipment and four positions of anti-aircraft missile systems were hit.

📌 Ukrainian missile forces and artillery hit four control points, ten areas of concentration of russian troops, weapons, and military equipment, six ammunition depots, an anti-aircraft missile complex, and the area of ​​firing positions of the enemy's artillery.

📌 Over the past day, the Ukrainian forces repelled the attacks of the russian occupiers in 11 settlements of the Kharkiv region and Donetsk region.

📌 It has been confirmed that three BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launching systems and about 70 wounded russian servicemen on October 22 were destroyed in the area of ​​Mykhailivka, Zaporizhzhia region.

📌 The russian radar station Zoopark-1 was destroyed in the Kherson region. 

📌 In just half an hour, two Ka-52 attack helicopters were shot down.

📌 In the Kozatske area, a warehouse with russian ammunition exploded in the Kherson region. The Ukrainian forces also struck the russians today in Nova Kakhovka.

📌 In a week, 23 ammunition warehouses, one base, and one control point were demilitarized.

The Volodar Obriu rifle is now working at the front. This rifle has no analogs. The distance of a direct shot is three kilometers. No bulletproof vest can hold a 50-caliber bullet. Moreover, this is an entirely Ukrainian development. Such a caliber did not exist before. 

russia's crimes

📌 russians are conducting a large-scale robbery of Kherson. According to the first deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, Yurii Sobolevskyi, the russian occupiers are even taking away rescue equipment. 

Окупанти демонтували пам'ятник Суворову в Херсоні

One pedestal remains from the monument to Suvorov in Kherson

📌 In Kherson, the monuments to russian generals Suvorov and Ushakov have disappeared, local publications write. The russians also stole them during the "evacuation" to the left bank of the Dnieper. Along with them, the russians took the monument to Potemkin.

📌 However, the chief of Ukraine's defense intelligence, Budanov, says that russian troops are not fleeing from Kherson; they are only creating an illusion. The russians are bringing new military units there and preparing the city's streets for defense.

📌 The russian occupiers are blocking mobile communication in Kherson, trying to informationally isolate Kherson not to allow the partisans to transmit information to the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the counter-offensive.

243 день війни

📌 And it is a school in the village Arkhanhelske in the Kherson region, which the russians bombed. ⬆️ 

📌 The facts of physical and psychological pressure on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant employees to force them to sign contracts with the Rosatom corporation are still recorded in Enerhodar in the Zaporizhzhia region. In addition, the russian invaders forbade the power plant employees to leave the occupied city for the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

📌 Within a day, it became known that russians killed six civilians in the Donetsk region: three in Kurdiumivka, two in Velyka Novosilka, and one in Bakhmut. Another five people were injured yesterday.

📌 Over the past three weeks, 12 people have died in Kyiv alone from shelling by missiles and drones. Another 60 people were injured.

📌 Calling his French, Turkish, British, and US counterparts, russian defense minister Shoigu is trying to slow down military aid to Ukraine, the Institute for the Study of War report.

📌 There is no "dirty bomb." There are only dirty attempts to justify the apparent genocide with a new fake. It is how the adviser to Zelensky's chief of staff, Mykhailo Podoliak, commented on russia's accusations regarding "the preparation of Ukraine to use a 'dirty bomb' under a false flag."

Commenting on russia's "dirty" nuclear blackmail, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov invited UN and IAEA monitoring missions to the country. "The world must respond to russia's nuclear blackmail. We demand compliance with paragraph 4 of the Budapest Memorandum," he wrote.

In a joint statement, the USA, Britain, and France rejected russia's lie about the "dirty bomb."

📌 Ukraine lost approximately 90% of its wind energy and 40-50% of its solar energy due to russia's invasion. Most of the "green" sector facilities were located in the south. 

Life amid war

📌 Nine russian vessels arrested in Ukraine were handed over to a domestic enterprise for use. The total cost of these ships exceeds 532 million hryvnias. Now, these ships will replenish the budget of Ukraine.

243 день війни

📌 A "comfortable" shelter was organized in Shevchenko Park in Odesa ⬆️ The Green Theater team repaired it. The shelter has Wi-Fi, a toilet, and a water supply. The premises will be opened during air alarms in remote mode, with the help of an electronic lock.

📌 On November 20, Hollywood will be holding a festival of Ukrainian short films. The program for the evening includes 14 films.

📌 85% of IDPs plan to return home, according to a survey of the Rating group for October 8-9. Moreover, every fifth person wants to return as soon as possible.

📌 86% of Ukrainians favor continuing the armed struggle with russia, despite massive shelling of civilian infrastructure.


Foreign partners' support

💡 The IAEA director agreed to send experts to Ukraine after russia announced the creation of a "dirty bomb" in Ukraine, 

💡 Ukraine must decide when to agree on peace and what terms, Macron said.

💡 The new Prime Minister of Italy said that her country will always be on the side of the courageous people of Ukraine.

💡 Great Britain is ready to help russia and Ukraine seek a peaceful solution to the military conflict without further escalation. This is the statement of the British government. 

By the way, Boris Johnson refused to nominate his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain. Rishi Sunak will become the new prime minister of Britain.

💡 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called for developing a "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine and creating a platform for coordinating assistance provided to Kyiv in reconstructing the country.

💡 The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with 500 million euros to restore military equipment. It is noted that the European Peace Fund will provide the funds.

💡 Israel provides Ukraine with the intelligence necessary to fight against Iranian drones.

💡 Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that he would not turn off Starlink in Ukraine, even if the US government refuses to provide funding.

243 день війни

💡 10-year-old Japanese Mina Shibanuma saw a TV story about russia's war in Ukraine. An upset girl wrote a letter ⬆️ to Ukrainian children and put all her savings—500 yen (120 UAH), which she wanted to spend on sweets. The money was given to Liza from Mariupol, who made souvenirs and wrote a reply letter.

💡 The European Commission announced the "final separation" from gas from russia: "We depended on 40%, and now only on 7%."

Ukrainians, let's unite! 

243 день війни

💡 The 128th Zakarpattia Separate Air Assault Brigade received a mobile bath and laundry complex with an air heating system. Our forces developed and created this complex based on a thermal trailer. It has three washers and dryers, four showers, and a lung-healing salt bowl bath. Sockets for charging mobile phones are installed in the laundry room.

💡 russian-language books, magazines, and paper boxes are collected in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region. The waste paper is recycled, and the volunteers make pot belly ovens for the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the money they earn from paper. The idea was borrowed from social media.

Одеські фермери передали захисникам авто

"I believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces" is the inscription on the car that Odesa farmers handed over to the defenders

💡 Farmers of the Okny community purchased and handed over a batch of cars for the defense forces of Odesa.

243 день війни

💡 In Kropyvnytskyi's Vulik workshop ⬆️, pajamas, hospital underwear, balaclavas, and fleece sweatshirts are sewn for Ukrainian soldiers. More than 2,800 products were produced in September. Everyone willing to help donates money for fabric. Even those who do not know how to sew can join. Here they help to master this skill.


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