She’s Got It

She's got it
23 nov, 11:30

A spark of hope: Vinnytsia resident creates a Ukrainian choir in Finland

She's got it
14 nov, 16:35

Not pregnant: How to cope with the news of infertility

Special project
10 nov, 10:38

"We will simply lose them": how a scientist unites Ukrainian scholars abroad

She's got it
8 nov, 10:16

"We can eradicate the idea that violence is normal": how the Women's Rights Protection Department works

She's got it
3 nov, 15:30

Incredible grandmothers: how grandparents are taught to help children and grandchildren in Lviv maternity hospital

28 oct, 20:22

Ukrainian women raise their voices around the globe

25 oct, 18:12

“Upon giving birth, it will disappear”: debunking common hospital office myths

She's got it
25 oct, 12:40

Shirtless: how the forum theater helps displaced women in Poltava to start living again

She's got it
19 oct, 13:27

"Wars start with communications, but they also end with them": a Ukrainian communications specialist helps domestic NGOs speak to the world from abroad

12 oct, 13:19

"Life exists both during and after chemotherapy": three stories of women who received a "breast cancer" diagnosis and achieved high-quality treatment

Special project
4 oct, 16:25

Yana Koretska: "I feel my mission is to tell Irish people about Ukrainian culture"

Special project
19 sep, 15:41

Voice of Ukraine in the Czech Republic: "I have the chance to not sleep under missiles, but in return, I must do everything I can to make sure this war ends in victory"

7 sep, 12:31

"Dad will now be a sunshine that caresses them": how to talk to a child about the death of loved ones

Special project
30 aug, 18:56

“This generation is completely different”: How Ukrainian woman abroad helps youth land first job

Special project
29 aug, 12:12

Olha Sitkovska: "The transition to the Ukrainian language is not an event, but a process that will last for years"

She's got it
14 aug, 15:32

"I was told: 'Who cares about Ukrainian, it's not even Russian'": How Ukrainian women teach foreigners the Ukrainian language

10 aug, 14:14

"It would be good if this practice prevailed": a mobile gynecological team assists remote villages of the Kyiv region

7 aug, 11:00

"This is a much-needed solution": the mobile gynecological team helps women take care of their health in the Kyiv region

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