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United to win: Ukraine's armed forces receive 50,000 first-aid kits from Germany

50,000 first-aid kits from the 500,000 contracted with Germany have already arrived at warehouses. Shortly, the first-aid kits will be handed over to the Ukrainian troops.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported this.

What is the problem?

Ukraine's armed forces still have problems with the medical support of Ukrainian defenders. Defense Minister Rustem Umerov previously noted:

"I made a report to the President of Ukraine regarding replacing the commander of the Medical Forces of Ukraine's armed forces. I believe that the reasons for such a step are obvious to everyone who fights in the ranks of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and everyone who helps. The relevant issues have been discussed many times. It is time to solve our soldiers' medical care problems".

President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree to change the Medical Forces of Ukraine's armed forces commander.

Later, the head of state signed the law on the organization of the appropriate level of medical support for the Ukrainian army.

The document allows the Ministry of Defense to approve protocols and standards for the provision of pre-medical and medical care based on NATO standards, according to the card of draft law No. 10343.

According to the new law, the Ministry of Defense will be able to approve the list, quality standards, and minimum requirements for specialized medicines used by the military during hostilities.

The explanatory note stated that its adoption would help provide military units with modern, high-quality medical equipment.

In reality, this law will contribute to enhancing the medical care for Ukraine's armed forces by implementing the following measures, as outlined within the law:

1. Standardizing treatment methods across health care facilities owned by the Ministry of Defense, whether communal or state-owned.

2. Establishing criteria for medical professional qualifications.

3. Approving a set list of medications and equipment that will adhere to unified standards.

What is the solution?

Currently, 50,000 first-aid kits from the 500,000 contracted with Germany have already arrived at the warehouses and will be handed over to the troops soon.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Germany

How does it work?

Deputy Minister of Defense Nataliia Kalmykova checked the quality and filling of the first-aid kits, which arrived at the warehouses under a contract with the German government.

"Each of them will be equipped with an additional tourniquet and an occlusive bandage," Kalmykova noted.

According to the message, new contracts are being prepared for signing, which will fully meet the needs of Ukraine's armed forces.

"Ukraine should move away from the practice of first-aid kits being brought to the front by volunteers. The state should take over all the provisions. We will solve this issue this year," the deputy minister emphasized.

For reference:

Rubryka wrote that veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war would be trained as first aid and tactical medicine instructors.

It was also reported that the surgical training complex was opened in the Poltava State Medical University simulation center. Specialists conduct special courses for military personnel, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.

In addition, it was reported that the Netherlands handed over three modular Role 2 field hospitals and six medical evacuation vehicles to the Defense Forces of Ukraine. With the support of the Netherlands government, the Dutch manufacturing company "Hospitainer" handed over property and medical equipment to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Also, the Ministry of Defense has started testing special modular body armor for the needs of the Navy and engineering troops of Ukraine's armed forces.


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