30 jun, 17:23

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian army received about 100 thousand body armor in June

18 jun, 12:24

Military medics urge media keep secret locations of field hospitals

10 jun, 15:39

British defense minister arrived in Kyiv for talks with Zelensky and Reznikov

28 may, 16:52

Ukraine’s defense ministry: no data suggesting Putin may launch another attempt to invade Kyiv

25 may, 15:22

russians involve more than 15,000 servicemen in assault on Sievierodonetsk

14 may, 17:01

UNITED24 Reports: In the First Week, Over USD 25 Million Were Transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine Accounts

5 may, 13:30

Ukrainian Armed Forces began counteroffensive actions in Izium direction, Ministry of Defense says

30 apr, 12:20

Ukraine's defense ministry: losses among our defenders are the price of one post on social media

12 apr, 10:56

Information on chemical weapons used in Mariupol is being checked, it could be phosphate munitions, Defense Ministry reports

16 mar, 12:24

A meeting of NATO defense ministers with the participation of Ukraine is taking place in Brussels

10 mar, 22:47

"We are moving to counterattacks": Ukrainian Defense Minister's address

9 mar, 14:12

Occupiers are regrouping and don't give up the plan to capture Kyiv - General Staff

7 mar, 09:58

We have significant progress in weapons supply, Russians are in for a surprise - Reznikov

4 mar, 10:45

Minister of Defense is convinced that victory of Ukrainians is imminent

3 mar, 22:08

Russian Federation arranges blockade of Mariupol, as Nazis did with Leningrad - Kirilenko

3 mar, 10:58

"Nobody believed that we would last a week": Defense Minister's address

2 mar, 14:12

Ukrainian intelligence releases names of occupiers-pilots who bomb civilians

1 mar, 15:16

"There will be no capitulation": Reznikov warns of Russia's large-scale special information operation

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