9 apr, 17:03

Covid passport: what is it and when will Ukrainians get it?

9 apr, 11:35

Summer is coming: how to get into shape at home safely

9 apr, 08:59

Klychko doesn't rule out that quarantine restrictions may be tightened in Kyiv

8 apr, 14:10

World's most expensive drugs and two-year timer: why we hear more about spinal muscular atrophy

6 apr, 11:35

Caution! Toxic person: how to recognize them and what to do

6 apr, 09:21

Stepanov explains a National Coronavirus Vaccination Plan

Special Project
6 apr, 09:10

International Sports Day: athletes on a vegan diet. Experiment

31 mar, 10:35

1 million Ukrainians don't suspect they have diabetes: how to fight the "silent pandemic"

30 mar, 10:44

Tensions with covid beds in Kyiv and 4 regions, stability in western region - Stepanov

26 mar, 13:40

Number of Covid-19 patients continues to increase in Kyiv hospitals

26 mar, 09:54

What you need to know about defibrillators in metro: how to provide first aid

26 mar, 09:17

Ukraine will start using the CoronaVac vaccine only after lab control - Liashko

25 mar, 10:30

Ukrainian scientist explains why you need to wear a mask on the street

25 mar, 10:27

Third wave despite vaccination. What's happening in Ukraine and the world, and what to expect from coronavirus?

24 mar, 13:27

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 continues to grow in Kyiv - Klychko

24 mar, 10:18

"COVID-19 isn't a reason to forget about other diseases": Zelenskyi reminded of Tuberculosis Day

24 mar, 09:18

A most common disease in the world. How to help a person with depression

23 mar, 16:04

New mutations of "British" coronavirus strain discovered in Ukraine

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