22 sep, 16:37

"That goodness can't be measured": how Pallium for Ukraine initiative helps seriously ill Ukrainian children

19 sep, 08:30

Ukraine receives 600,000 doses of polio vaccine from partners

15 sep, 19:45

First monkeypox case confirmed in Ukraine

15 sep, 18:58

Denmark contributes $3.6 million to protect women and girls' health and rights in Ukraine and Moldova

13 sep, 15:43

Sweden to donate more than 500,000 doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Ukraine

12 sep, 08:50

USAID and UNFPA are strengthening the provision of psychosocial support to survivors of gender-based violence in Ukraine

Special Project
27 aug, 09:08

100 kilometers on foot not to give birth in occupation: a story of Kyiv maternity hospital left alone with war

24 aug, 14:13

"Heartfelt Gratitude": Rubryka joins the national flash mob honoring doctors on Independence Day

18 aug, 14:40

War kills not only people: how Ukrainian plants disappear forever, and poisonous ones appear in their place

17 aug, 16:05

Clinic for prosthetics and reconstruction of mutilated body parts to open in Lviv region

16 aug, 16:36

Case of West Nile fever was recorded in Kyiv region

10 aug, 14:07

Nuclear danger: what will happen to the Zaporizhzhia region and Dnipro and how to protect yourself in the event of a disaster at the ZNPP

10 aug, 11:52

“Mental Help” — free psychological assistance for Ukrainians

5 aug, 16:50

Finnish government supports creation of controlled drug use rooms

31 jul, 21:02

About UAH 200M of charity donations collected for reanimation medical vehicles - Zelenska

29 jul, 10:00

Harmful emissions into the air after missile attacks can lead to diseases and even death

28 jul, 17:11

How does veganism work in the military?

27 jul, 14:02

russia uses banned phosphorus bombs in Ukraine: what will happen to the environment?

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