2 dec, 16:22

United to win: Germany trains second group of Ukrainian military on Patriot air defense system

2 dec, 11:48

United to win: Rheinmetall plans to start production of armored vehicles in Ukraine already next year

29 nov, 16:46

Germany allocates additional €11.5 million to NATO-Ukraine Trust Fund

27 nov, 19:47

Germany commits €300 mln to support Ukraine's energy demands

21 nov, 16:00

United to win: German company transfers 3D-printed drones to Ukraine's military

21 nov, 15:58

United to win: Germany pledges €1.3 billion military aid package for Ukraine

18 nov, 18:33

German Chancellor Scholz open to new negotiations with Russian president, if Putin is "ready to act" and withdraw troops

14 nov, 14:07

German arms producer Rheinmetall and Ukraine sign contract for 25 Leopard tanks

14 nov, 13:05

Tanks, radars, and more: Germany delivers new aid package to Ukraine

13 nov, 18:45

United to win: Germany to transfer two additional IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine

11 nov, 18:23

Germany pledges to double military support for Ukraine by 2024 – Bild

10 nov, 10:20

United to win: Germany to provide Ukraine with another Patriot air defense system

9 nov, 20:47

United to win: Ukraine received seven Primoco ONE drones from Germany

9 nov, 10:59

Germany to open expert centers to support Ukraine's reconstruction and science development

8 nov, 16:21

German arms company Rheinmetall to produce 100,000 artillery mines for Ukraine

6 nov, 17:47

Taurus missiles unlikely to alter outcome of Ukraine war – German defense minister

2 nov, 14:31

EU will give Ukraine "positive signal" about accession to union – German foreign minister

31 oct, 09:50

United to win: Germany delivers 15 Sonobot surface drones to Ukraine

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