28 sep, 14:47

Germany to transfer offensive military equipment to Ukraine: what is known

26 sep, 17:09

President's Office addresses Germany: If you want war to end as soon as possible, give us Leopard 2 tanks

23 sep, 17:53

Zelensky appoints new ambassador to Germany

15 sep, 17:07

Germany to deliver more Mars II multiple-launch fire systems and Dingo armored vehicles to Ukraine

15 sep, 15:02

Ukrainian Armed Forces need "Leopards": Stefanchuk discussed military aid to Ukraine with German minister

14 sep, 18:57

Germany hands Ukraine several more Gepard self-propelled guns and 65 refrigerators

9 sep, 16:08

Germany to transfer several BIBER bridge-laying machines and Gepard tanks to Ukraine

7 sep, 19:49

German government refuses to supply Dingo armored cars to Ukraine – Bild

6 sep, 13:58

Scholz is likely to reject Ukraine's request to provide tanks – Welt

6 sep, 08:19

German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier apologises for 1972 Olympic terrorist attack failures

4 sep, 23:02

Weapons, sanctions against Russia, restoration of Ukraine: Shmyhal meets with Scholz

4 sep, 08:20

Germany pledges EUR 200M in aid for displaced people in Ukraine

2 sep, 20:27

Germany approves limits on heating public buildings to save energy

2 sep, 12:51

One of Germany's ruling parties calls to dismantle Nord Stream-2

2 sep, 10:20

Ukraine's FM calls on Germany and US to supply battle tanks

30 aug, 17:40

Germany's possibilities for supply of weapons to Ukraine are almost exhausted — Germany's Minister of Defense

30 aug, 11:12

Governments of France and Germany jointly oppose EU visa ban for all russians

29 aug, 14:51

German Chancellor offered support for Ukraine’s air defense and artillery development

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