18:31 02 Mar 2024

Solutions to win: Ministry of Defense trials floating body armor for Ukraine's armed forces

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense has started testing special modular body armor for the needs of the Navy and engineering troops of Ukraine's armed forces.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that.

What is the problem?

The Ministry of Defense received a request to develop such a particular module for body armor. The main task is to protect the lives of service personnel on the water.

"After all, we understand the weight a soldier carries, especially when it comes to special forces," Deputy Defense Minister Vitaliy Polovenko stressed.

What is the solution?

The Central Department is developing a new floating module for the Development of Material Support for the Armed Forces. Both foreign and domestic developers were involved in its creation. It is planned that such modules can be used on all approved body armor models for the army.

How does it work?

The peculiarity of such a bulletproof vest is that upon contact with water, a particular module reacts, and the bulletproof vest works as a rescue.

"Currently, we have handed over several samples of such "floating body armor" to units for testing. If this stage is successful, we will start laboratory tests," said Vitaliy Polovenko.

For reference:

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