Kherson region

5 dec, 15:29

Switzerland delivers seven cars to Ukraine for mobile administration centers in war-battered Kherson region

23 nov, 15:50

Russian troops attack Chornobaivka near Kherson with cluster shells: three killed, five wounded

22 nov, 10:09

Russian drone attacks an ambulance in Beryslav, Kherson region

17 nov, 17:43

Various AFU units engage in counter-battery fight on left bank of Kherson region – South Forces Group spokesperson

15 nov, 19:59

Russian forces intensify pressure on teenagers in occupied territories – National Resistance Center

15 nov, 12:11

"I hope we will be able to have an interview following the Victory": Life in Kherson region post-Kakhovka HPP disaster

15 nov, 11:59

Many villages in occupied Kherson region are completely deserted due to war – authorities

14 nov, 14:29

Despite shelling and mining: Kherson region's farming year results and solutions for food security

9 nov, 12:48

Strike on Russian military base in occupied Skadovsk kills five soldiers, injures 15

6 nov, 14:34

Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and the energy system of Ukraine: is it possible to live without it and what non-obvious functions it performed

6 nov, 10:40

Record number of Russian aerial bombs dropped on Berislav and Krynky overnight

1 nov, 14:47

Russian army deployment sites in Crimea hit by rocket attacks

31 oct, 18:59

Russian forces open fire on evacuation bus in Kherson region, injuring two

30 oct, 10:01

"They risk their lives for ours": how Antonivka, in the Kherson Region, lives at the enemy's gunpoint

29 oct, 19:50

Ukraine's Red Cross installs shelters for Kherson in constant Russian attacks

25 oct, 15:57

Western Chernivtsi construction workers have rebuilt 24 houses in liberated Kherson

24 oct, 10:20

Russian troops shell Kherson region by night with incendiary weapons

23 oct, 13:32

Volunteers open mobile library in liberated towns of Kherson region

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