Kherson region

7 jun, 14:23

Solutions to win: Lithuania to send aid to Ukraine after Kakhovka dam destruction

7 jun, 12:09

Ukraine will build three new water mains for towns and villages affected by Kakhovka dam destruction

7 jun, 11:29

Ukraine's southern regions ban fishing as mass fish deaths occur caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 18:36

Hydroelectric power plant that cannot be restored: 15 facts about the Kakhovka NPP destroyed by the Russians

6 jun, 16:54

Kherson flood threatens world food security – Ukrainian MP

What's Going On
6 jun, 16:41

Destruction of Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant: what will be the consequences and what to do now

6 jun, 15:56

Ukraine's western Ternopil region sends 50 tons of drinking water to people of Kherson amid Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 08:27

Terrorist attack: Russian forces blow up Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine's Kherson region

3 jun, 08:45

Two children in Kherson region seriously injured in explosion of unknown object

31 may, 15:19

Three-year-old injured in targeted Russian shelling of residential building in Kherson region

29 may, 18:14

Are the Russians destroying Dzharylhak National Nature Park?

29 may, 17:59

Russian troops shell Kherson region, killing a civilian

23 may, 11:36

Ukrainians protest against Russian destruction of Dzharylgach Island in single pickets across Europe

17 may, 18:59

Russian forces shell Ukraine's Kherson region, killing a child and two men

15 may, 09:13

Russian troops strike Kherson region with 281 shells, killing six civilians

14 may, 12:26

Russian landmine explosion kills five civilians in Kherson region

14 may, 09:21

Russian forces shell Ukraine's Kherson region 90 times, injuring six civilians

8 may, 16:50

Nine civilians, including child, injured in Russian shelling of Kherson region

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