Kherson region

27 sep, 21:56

Canadian diaspora restores access to drinking water in 36 villages of Kherson region

27 sep, 16:19

Ukrainian farmer killed after hitting Russian landmine in Kherson region

26 sep, 11:14

HIMARS strike kills eight Russian officers in occupied Kherson region

25 sep, 11:34

Russian bombing kills one civilian in Beryslav, Kherson region

23 sep, 17:47

Russian army shells Kherson region, killing one and injuring two

18 sep, 10:44

Russian drone attack in Beryslav, Kherson region, injures four civilians

16 sep, 16:41

Russian forces shell Beryslav in Kherson region, injuring one civilian

16 sep, 13:43

Atesh military partisan movement destroys two Russian military trucks with soldiers in occupied Kherson region

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15 sep, 13:04

Russian forces bomb residential buildings in Nova Kakhovka

14 sep, 16:12

Fires in one of the largest biosphere reserves of Ukraine: what can be done to preserve ecosystems?

14 sep, 14:19

Ukraine returns 11 children from occupied Kherson region

14 sep, 11:51

Ukrainian forces push back Russian units to clear 10-15km line from Dnipro River’s left bank

14 sep, 09:58

Russian troops kill six-year-old child and injure four in Kherson shelling

13 sep, 17:47

Russian forces injure two volunteers in drone attack on Kherson region

13 sep, 16:08

Ukrainians from eastern Poltava have restored 40 houses in Kherson region via "Side by Side" project

13 sep, 12:59

Fires ravage Askania-Nova: What is the impact on the Russian-occupied reserve?

11 sep, 16:17

Russian troops hit hospital in Kherson region, injuring medic and patient

11 sep, 15:39

Russia fails "elections" in occupied territories of Kherson region – expert

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