Kherson region

29 oct, 19:50

Ukraine's Red Cross installs shelters for Kherson in constant Russian attacks

25 oct, 15:57

Western Chernivtsi construction workers have rebuilt 24 houses in liberated Kherson

24 oct, 10:20

Russian troops shell Kherson region by night with incendiary weapons

23 oct, 13:32

Volunteers open mobile library in liberated towns of Kherson region

23 oct, 11:45

Ukraine's armed forces continue pushing Russian troops from occupied Kherson region – spokesperson

22 oct, 19:44

Russian soldiers loot towns in occupied Kherson region: Ukrainian forces suggest potential withdrawal

16 oct, 22:01

Five Russian planes attack Kherson region

13 oct, 15:42

It's too early to forget: how did the Kakhovka disaster affect farmers in the south of Ukraine, and what solutions are already working?

13 oct, 10:19

"Some kind of strength appears because we are at home": how the northernmost community of the Kherson region lives and recovers after occupation

Video, photo
12 oct, 15:46

Russian troops bomb southern village of Chornobaivka

Special project
9 oct, 11:45

Two thousand flooded houses: the life of Kherson's Ostriv microdistrict after the Kakhovka power plant explosion

8 oct, 15:35

Ukrainian government allocates over $190,000 to civilians to overcome Kakhovka dam explosion aftermath

7 oct, 16:55

Local "United Russia" secretary's car explodes in Russian-occupied Nova Kakhovka

5 oct, 19:21

The largest number of Russian sexual crimes is recorded in Kherson region – human rights commissioner

5 oct, 14:12

Russian airstrike destroys hospital in Beryslav, Kherson region

2 oct, 08:25

Russian drones strike Kryvyi Rih and Kherson

1 oct, 08:59

Russian forces drop ten aerial bombs on Kherson region at night

28 sep, 16:30

Russian forces intensify bombing of Kherson region

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