17:43 17 Nov 2023

Various AFU units engage in counter-battery fight on left bank of Kherson region – South Forces Group spokesperson

Various units of Ukrainian forces are pushing the front line on the left bank of the Kherson region, says the South Forces Group spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk.

Currently, the main work is a counter-battery fight to reduce the possibility of the occupiers inflicting damage on the right bank of the Kherson Region.

"There are different combat units, different structural components, not only marines. The fight is very powerful not only with a personal presence, but also aerial reconnaissance, artillery does a lot to ensure that those who are fixed on the left bank have more or less peace of mind," Humeniuk said.

She called on not allowing disclosure of information about Ukrainian actions, as Russian forces actively monitors everything regarding the left bank. Previously, they destroyed mobile communication towers in the occupied territory to deprive residents of the opportunity to follow Ukrainian sources.

"The work continues. In conditions of bad weather, it is complicated, because it makes it difficult not only to physically advance, but also complicates aerial reconnaissance, because of thunderstorm warning. The enemy now does not have the opportunity to use tactical aviation as powerfully as they did before (remember the bombing in the amount of 80 +, 70 + KaB per day?), Now this time is used to maximize our successes," she said.

The General Staff informed in the morning of a series of successful actions on the left bank, including sabotage, raid, and reconnaissance. Reconnaissance of the locations of personnel and equipment of the Russian occupation forces, and artillery positions is carried out with the aim of their further destruction as heavy fighting continues.

Ukrainian soldiers cause significant losses, and destroy equipment and personnel. Despite a rather serious line of fortifications and strong enemy resistance, it was possible to carry out several successful and successful actions. The enemy is trying to knock out Ukrainian fighters from their positions, which is why it has heavy losses.

Since the beginning of these activities, the enemy has 1,216 killed and 2,217 wounded, 24 tanks, 89 artillery systems and mortars, 135 units of various vehicles, 48 armored combat vehicles, 9 MLRS, 14 boats, 15 units of special equipment, four command posts, 29 warehouses with ammunition destroyed. 135 FPV drones and five drones of operational-tactical level were neutralized.


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