24 jan, 08:40

United to win: Ukraine to receive military helicopters from Germany

23 nov, 21:38

Slovakia and Czechia jointly raise over €400,000 for a Black Hawk helicopter for Ukraine

4 nov, 16:10

Solutions to win: Come Back Alive fund purchased fireproof uniform for combat pilots

17 oct, 08:30

Ukrainian forces strike airfields near occupied Berdiansk and Luhansk

15 oct, 15:35

Solutions to win: Ukraine adopts new models of military equipment for its armed forces

20 sep, 12:09

Partisans blow up two Russian warplanes and helicopter in Moscow region – Ukraine's intelligence

9 jul, 11:38

Poland has discreetly sent dozen of Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine – WSJ

21 jun, 16:49

United to win: Latvia sends its entire fleet of helicopters to Ukraine

18 jun, 08:41

Ukrainian air defense downs 12 Russian UAVs and two Ka-52 attack helicopters over past day

17 jun, 10:48

Russia gains temporary advantage on Ukraine's south with its attack helicopters – UK intelligence

14 may, 13:18

Russia downed five of its own aircraft in Bryansk region – Ukraine's Air Force

30 mar, 18:14

North Macedonia's government approves transfer of combat helicopters to Ukraine

26 mar, 11:31

North Macedonia to transfer MI-24 helicopters to Ukraine

26 feb, 09:00

Croatia to send 14 Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine

18 jan, 10:22

Helicopter crash in Brovary: Ukraine's internal ministry leadership and 18 people dead

23 oct, 09:55

JSC Motor Sich president detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting russia

4 aug, 16:17

UNITED24 fundraising purchase helicopter for Ukrainian army

18 nov, 13:34

Two more new Airbus H125 helicopters for SBGS arrive in Lviv

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