08:30 17 Oct 2023

Ukrainian forces strike airfields near occupied Berdiansk and Luhansk

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On Tuesday night, the Ukrainian forces attacked Russian military equipment at airfields near the occupied cities of Berdiansk and Luhansk.

The Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially confirmed that the strikes were successful but didn't reveal their specific results, Rubryka reports. 

Ukrainian Armed Forces struck Russian helicopters

Photo: AFU StratCom

Earlier, a video allegedly showing explosions in Berdiansk appeared in local mass media. City residents said they witnessed how ammunition detonated in the area of the local airfield.

Major-in-exile of the occupied city of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, also announced the news and released a video.

"While we were sleeping, the Armed Forces eliminated Russian troops at the Berdiansk airfield,"  Fedorov said. "Residents of the city spent half the night listening to the wonderful 'tracks' of the impacts and detonation of ammunition."

Later, the Ukrainian army's General Staff reported that the strikes destroyed two Russian helicopters, an ammunition warehouse, and an artillery system.

What we know about situation in occupied Luhansk and Berdiansk

The southern city of Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia region, has been under Russian occupation since the beginning of the invasion in February 2022. 

Now, explosions are being heard more and more often in Berdiansk, mainly near the local airfield. After the start of the full-scale war, the Russian occupiers used it to deploy their units and base helicopters.

In mid-August, occupied Berdiansk was rocked by an explosion near the port. In late June, a series of explosions happened in the city, with more than ten strikes on the Russian troops and equipment.

Recently, there have also been more and more explosions in Luhansk, which has been under Russian occupation since 2014. In late September, the impact destroyed the Russian ammunition warehouse at the "Yunist" radio equipment and radio electronics factory.

In mid-June, sounds similar to explosions were heard in the occupied Yuvileine, Luhansk region. Then, the Ukrainian armed forces released a video of the damage to the Russian missile arsenal in the Luhansk region.

Luhansk hosts a large number of Russian occupiers. According to Ukraine's General Staff, the Russians are turning hospitals in the city into hospitals for wounded soldiers.

As Rubryka reported, Russia has concentrated more than 420,000 of its troops in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, including Crimea.


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