13:18 14 May 2023

Russia downed five of its own aircraft in Bryansk region – Ukraine's Air Force


Ukrainian Air Force confirmed Russia shot down its three helicopters and two warplanes in the Bryansk region, which borders Ukraine.

This aircraft was on its way to drop aerial bombs on Ukraine's northern regions, the spokesperson Yurii Ihnat says.

Ihnat said that Russian aircraft and helicopters "have found some trouble". The enemy's air defense shot down its own aircraft, taking them as Ukrainian.

The authorities claim this happens during Ukraine's preparation for the counteroffensive, which seems to terrify Russian commanders.

On 13 May, different information on the downing of a helicopter, two helicopters, or an aircraft emerged simultaneously.

Initially, Russian propagandists said that the helicopter crashed because of an engine fire, keeping silent about its destruction and an explosion before the fire.

Then they acknowledged the shooting down of two helicopters and one aircraft, customarily blaming it on "Ukrainian saboteurs".


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