16:10 04 Nov 2023

Solutions to win: Come Back Alive fund purchased fireproof uniform for combat pilots

Фото: Повернись живим

The Come Back Alive charitable foundation, together with PrivatBank, purchased sets of fireproof uniforms and aviation helmets for Ukrainian pilots.

What is the problem?

Ukrainian combat aviation is actively involved in many risky operations. Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters are flying daily to launch unguided aerial missiles at the occupiers' frontline, transport infantry, and evacuate the wounded.

Пілоти, формаPhoto: Come Back Alive fund

Their work is fraught with risks, as Russian forces are constantly trying to catch Ukrainian aircraft with their own fighter aircraft and missile systems.

Ukrainian helicopters near the front line mostly operate at ultra-low altitudes to make it difficult for the enemy to track the aircraft.

Even at low altitudes, the occupiers can hit the Ukrainian aircraft with electronic warfare systems.

What is the solution?

The Come Back Alive Foundation, together with PrivatBank, purchased special fireproof uniforms and aviation helmets for Ukrainian army pilots.

The benefactors managed to cover the needs of all army aviation in these protective equipment.

How does it work?

The new charity project should significantly increase pilots' chances of survival in the event of a crash.

The new equipment should address one of the main causes of pilot deaths in the event of a crash, such as skin burns and impact injuries.

Пілоти, формаPhoto: Come Back Alive fund

The total cost of the equipment for the pilots is $819,000.

The benefactors note that the high-quality, non-flammable uniforms and special aviation helmets significantly reduce the risk of death for the helicopter crew in the event of an enemy missile hit.

Previously, the Azov Special Forces Brigade of the National Guard received 15 pick-up trucks from the foundation.

The Come Back Alive fund has delivered the first 82-mm mortars to the defense brigades and they are already destroying Russian occupiers at the front.

The charity also handed over 120 thermal imagers to border guards.


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