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18 teenagers already receiving psychosocial support at “Svity” center in Zhytomyr

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Today, 18 teenagers who are either children of military personnel or have a vulnerable social status participate in a specialized program with an experienced psychologist. Kids are divided into two different age groups, structured by age: 12–13 years for younger teenagers and 14–15 years for older ones.

Sessions are workshops and master classes, where children first discuss a specific topic with a psychologist and then work with their emotions using color and shape.

"Effective modern techniques such as clay therapy and wax therapy allow children to release trapped emotions from the body, while colors help transform them. Children also enjoy the interactivity during the sessions. We notice how they start to open up more, feel freer, and initiate conversations themselves in the following classes. Parents notice that children come back home joyful, smiling, and happy after the sessions," said "Svity" center psychologist Tetiana Shapran.

Besides meetings with the psychologist, teenagers in the older age group can talk with an acting coach, where they also learn to distinguish and experience different emotional states.

As of February 26, the children completed eight training sessions and seven master classes. The center also assessed emotional exhaustion in the older group of teenagers before and after the 4th training session. Self-assessment results showed that the level of emotional exhaustion in children decreased from 8 to 5.7 points after the session. These results indicate that children stabilize their emotions and discover internal resources during the training.

You can find more information about the opening and activities of the "Svity" social-psychological assistance center in Zhytomyr in the previous article: Psychosocial support center for teens opens in Zhytomyr

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