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Solutions from Ukraine: two charitable funds team up to distribute 11,000 food kits to elderly

The BGV Charitable Foundation just launched the third round of the "Everybody Matters" project. Together with the "Pure Heart" Charity Fund, it will provide 11,000 food parcels to senior citizens.

Rubryka writes about this.

What is the problem?

One-third of the population in Ukraine consists of elderly individuals. They have faced challenging circumstances during the ongoing war.

There are many stories of people without homes, no knowledge of surviving on their pensions, and no family members to take care of them.

Despite the war and any life circumstances, every older adult deserves a dignified old age.

What is the solution?

That's why the BGV charitable foundation started the 3rd wave of the project "Everybody Matters."

How does it work?

11,000 food kits will be distributed to older people in partnership with the "Pure Heart" Charity Fund.

The "Everybody Matters" project aims to support residents of the Zhytomyr region who are 70 and older.

The food sets consist of essential items such as:

  • flour,
  • canned goods,
  • cereals,
  • muesli,
  • macaroni,
  • and tea or coffee,
  • as well as personal care products like shower gel and toothpaste.

"Our extensive regional project, "Everyone Matters," was launched in December 2022. Since then, 56 communities in the Zhytomyr region have participated in it. As of now, 25,000 kits have been distributed, specifically to elderly individuals living alone in these communities. This year, we will continue with this valuable initiative, providing an additional 11,000 kits to all elderly citizens above the age of 70," the head of the BGV Charitable Foundation, Polina Aldoshyna, said.

The project was launched this year by the Brusyliv Territorial Community, where, in addition to 800 packages with sets, pensioners had the opportunity to receive positive emotions from a concert organized by local artists and to communicate in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

For reference:

It should be noted that the BGV Foundation handed over humanitarian aid to the smallest Ukrainians in Zhytomyr and Mykolaiv.

It was also reported that the BGV charity fund started on the all-Ukrainian platform for charity projects by collecting funds for the Inclusive Resource Center in Olevsk, in the Zhytomyr region. Currently, the institution greatly needs special interactive equipment for classes with children with special educational needs.

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