She's Got It
14 feb, 10:41

Office affair: what to do if everything isn't like in the movies

14 feb, 09:25

Love online: Rubryka experiments. How to meet someone on Tinder and not regret it

5 feb, 10:39

"It seems": Ukraine launched an anonymous online diary for domestic violence victims

She's Got It
3 feb, 16:45

From ads to "Bachelorette": what’s a woman like on Ukrainian TV?

26 jan, 09:50

Workshop for former alcoholics and drug addicts. How social business in Lviv brings back to life

She's Got It
25 jan, 16:43

If a child has Down syndrome or autism. How should parents accept? Advice from a psychologist and a mother who could

21 jan, 08:55

How to protect your skin under mask: everything you need to know about mask problems

She's Got It
14 jan, 11:15

"You're making things up!" or why women aren't often treated: how inequality manifests itself in medical field

12 jan, 17:45

Sex education in Ukraine. How to talk to your child about sex and when to expect it from schools

11 jan, 09:45

How to thank for failures? A useful life-changing habit

6 jan, 16:45

"The key is to be honest." Anna Butkevych: why a powerful woman needs to be photographed for Playboy, ATB million-charity campaigns, and burgers for a healthy lifestyle

29 dec, 08:52

"Cover with a mask, don't retreat into yourself": an art installation set up in Kyiv

21 dec, 09:15

Kid of the year and ordinary children. How not to turn a child's brain?

11 dec, 12:15

Wonders of neuroplasticity: what is our brain capable of?

How To
24 nov, 09:10

How to find friends on quarantine. Instruction for adults

She's Got It
14 nov, 09:05

10 life rules of the most famous storyteller in the world, Astrid Lindgren

22 oct, 09:30

Yevhen Smoryhin from Diesel Show: how to turn a stutter into a "shtick"

30 jul, 10:05

Therapy dog: library in Kherson is introducing canistherapy

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