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United to win: French volunteer cooks for Ukrainian military and reconstructs homes devastated by Russians in Hostomel

Matilda, a French volunteer, joined the "Dare to Restore" team to help rebuild houses destroyed by Russia in Hostomel and Irpin. She also assisted with dinner preparation, baked cookies at the "Murashky" Charity Fund, and helped weave nets in the By_Porokhova community in Lviv.

ShoTam discusses the reasons behind the French woman's attraction to Ukrainians.

Matilda, a French teacher, initially came to Ukraine in 2014 for an internship. She taught French to students in Mykolaiv and was so captivated by the country that she started learning the Ukrainian language.

  "I liked Ukraine because people not only talk but also do what they say," the volunteer shares.

The girl began teaching her mother tongue in France after returning from Ukraine. As of February 24, she had gained many students from Ukraine who spoke about Russia's aggression, the loss of relatives, and the destruction of homes. Unable to stay on the sidelines, the girl felt the urge to offer support to the Ukrainians.


In the fall of 2023, Matilda went to Lviv. She prepared dinners for the displaced and wove camouflage nets. Despite the air raids and the threat of shelling, she felt safe with the volunteers. In Kyiv, the girl joined the "Murashky" Charity Fund, which prepares and sends dried food to the front.

"I cleaned and dried vegetables, sometimes baked cupcakes," says the volunteer.

Moreover, Matilda rebuilt homes in the previously occupied areas of Hostomel, Horenka, and Irpin.

The girl resided in Ukraine for three months. As a token of remembrance, the girls from the "Murashky" Charity Fund gifted the volunteer with a handkerchief. Matilda is already planning to volunteer on another trip to Ukraine. She also thanked the Ukrainian military for protecting the skies and enabling her to return.

When the girl questioned what motivated her to haul heavy construction debris, she replied that she was "willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Ukraine wins the war as quickly as possible." After all, she fears the prospect of not being able to come back here.

"It was essential for me to provide support where I can," Matilda says.


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