17 feb, 17:18

United to win: allies join forces to equip Ukraine with AI-enhanced drone arsenal

15 feb, 17:45

Ukraine to receive 1 mln drones from allies in 2024 – NATO chief

15 feb, 17:22

UK and Latvia to provide Ukraine with thousands of drones

15 feb, 10:35

Drones strike oil depot in Russia's Kursk, sparking massive fire

14 feb, 18:59

Ukraine's Air Force urges West to tighten sanctions control as Russia modernizes UAVs, expands drone production

14 feb, 14:59

United to win: Netherlands joins advanced drone coalition to aid Ukraine

14 feb, 10:30

Solutions to win: Ukrainian volunteers donate 18 FPV drones to armed forces

13 feb, 08:41

Russian drones and rockets strike energy facilities in Dnipro

12 feb, 17:00

Ukraine to mass-produce long-range drones for striking deep into Russia – Deputy PM Fedorov

12 feb, 16:21

Ukraine's neighboring countries respond more actively to threat of Russian drones or missiles – air forces

12 feb, 14:25

50 kilos of explosives found at crash site of Russian drone in Moldova

11 feb, 22:17

Wreckage of Russian Shahed drone found in Moldova

11 feb, 15:29

Solutions to win: Ukraine achieves parity with Russia in long-range kamikaze drone production

11 feb, 14:25

Ukraine to establish nationwide production of electronic warfare systems

11 feb, 08:26

Russian forces launch 45 attack drones at Ukraine overnight

Photo, video
10 feb, 08:02

Russian drones attack Kharkiv overnight: seven killed including children

9 feb, 12:12

Ukrainian drones strike two oil refinery plants in Russia

Video, photo
9 feb, 08:20

Russian drones attack hotel in Kharkiv region

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