8 feb, 08:23

Russia launches overnight drone attack on Ukraine: major cities report damage to civilian infrastructure

7 feb, 14:32

Solutions to win: Ukraine is developing analog of Russian Lancet drone

6 feb, 12:49

Russian drones drop explosives near humanitarian headquarters in Beryslav

5 feb, 19:00

Solutions to win: Ukrainian engineers unveil Shoolika mk6 drone designed for night missions

5 feb, 16:30

Solutions to win: ten Ukrainian cities to host free 3D printing workshops for military production skills training

4 feb, 17:59

Six Ukrainian MAGURA drones have destroyed Russian missile boat "Ivanovets" – Ukraine's intelligence chief

4 feb, 16:30

Solutions to win: Ukrainian military uses thermite-loaded drones to obliterate enemy equipment

4 feb, 10:15

Ukrainian forces downed 170 Russian drones on southern front over the past day

3 feb, 12:57

Ukrainian Security Service confirms its drone attack on Volgograd Oil Refinery

3 feb, 10:56

A teenager from Ternopil starts mass production of FPV drones for the military

2 feb, 08:25

Russian drones attack Ukraine's energy infrastructure

Photo, video
1 feb, 21:17

Solutions to win: Chernivtsi volunteer sends hand-made drones to Ukrainian troops

31 jan, 19:49

Kremlin authorities in Crimea urge students to become combat drone operators – National Resistance Center

31 jan, 11:25

Ukrainian drone attacks oil plant in St. Petersburg

30 jan, 16:32

Solutions to win: Volunteers raise about ₴2.4 mln for drones for Ukrainian soldiers

29 jan, 12:55

Russia upgrades Shahed drone for third time, boosting thermal effect

Photos, video
28 jan, 17:36

United to win: German company Quantum-Systems donates 100 Trinity drones to Ukraine

28 jan, 15:22

Solutions to win: 10-year-old volunteer from Vinnytsia buys drone for Ukraine's armed forces

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