4 jun, 16:59

Attack on Dnipro suburbs: Russia claims to have destroyed "drone facility"

3 jun, 11:22

United to win: German company Quantum Systems opens service, training, and logistics centers in Ukraine

3 jun, 09:58

Iranian drones contain spare parts from Ukraine's partner nations – National Security and Defense Council's secretary

30 may, 16:31

Solutions to win: Ukrainian inventors introduce new "Khrushch" attack drone

30 may, 13:35

Solutions to win: Ukrainian blockchain company supplies 500 FPV drones to army

30 may, 08:00

One killed, four injured in third wave of Russian bombardment on Kyiv

28 may, 18:53

Russia's night attack with UAVs causes extensive damage to 26 houses in Zhytomyr

28 may, 08:20

Ukrainian air defense downs 52 out of 54 Russian UAVs in largest night drone attack

25 may, 09:04

Ukrainian air defense destroys 36 drones in Russia's night attack

16 may, 15:36

Solutions to win: Ukraine's postal service raises funds for army with audio postcards narrating stories of soldiers and volunteers

13 may, 16:56

Solution to win: Germany sends 105 Vector reconnaissance UAVs to Ukrainian army

Photo, video
13 may, 12:00

Solution to win: Ukrainian volunteers recycle plastic bottle caps to purchase drones for army

9 may, 10:10

Solutions to win: Ukrainian engineers develop power system enabling drones to fly indefinitely without charging

9 may, 09:05

Solutions to win: new fleet of Ukrainian-made UAVs ready for battle

8 may, 08:42

Ukraine's air defense downs all 35 drones in new Russian night attack

7 may, 12:33

Ukraine air force command sees "real revolution" in drone application on Ukrainian-Russian front

7 may, 10:57

Russian invaders report powerful Ukrainian drone attack in temporarily occupied Sevastopol, Crimea

6 may, 17:55

Ukraine's digital ministry delivers another 100 drones to soldiers

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