15:25 19 Apr 2024

Solutions to win: Ukrainian company to manufacture "Shmavik" drone, a comparable alternative to Chinese DJI Mavic


The Ukrainian company is about to start mass-producing its own version of the Chinese quadcopter DJI Mavic.

Forbes reports this.

The article states that a Ukrainian company, which has been making drones since 2017 for various purposes, including bomber copters, developed a multirotor drone called Shmavik. Neither its name nor its representatives are specified.

According to the publication, the name Shmavik was suggested by "one very respectable person in the country, and the team liked this name."

According to them, the development cost is about 500 thousand dollars.

Creating such drones took a year. In February 2024, the drone was tested in conditions of active radio interference.

So far, the company has produced more than 300 such drones.

By June, the company plans to launch the first production line of 500 pieces per month. The plan is to go into production of 2,500 "Shmaviks" every month by the end of the summer.

The company is also building a production facility in Poland to produce drone components.

As the company's CEO stated, the planned production capacity of both sites will allow the production of up to 5,000 Shmavik UAVs per month.

The kit is priced similarly to the Chinese Mavic, around $3,500.

The set includes:

  • a case with a drone;
  • smart remote control with a 10-inch screen;
  • five batteries;
  • four spare propellers;
  • charging station;
  • cables;
  • tools for repair.
  • The drone has a standard reset system for installing two munitions of 500 g each.

With the maximum load, it can fly for 35 minutes in a radius of 15 km on one battery, without ammunition – 75-80 minutes, depending on the flight conditions.

Manufacturers say the Shmavik's design is damage-resistant and can be repaired and serviced in the field.

The most crucial advantage is protection against enemy electronic devices:

"The drone is constantly changing the frequencies it operates on."

According to the company representative, the drone's navigation system uses a GNSS receiver and a directional GNSS antenna. The receiver filters out incorrect data and will switch to manual control mode if it cannot counter interference.

For reference:

As previously reported, specialists from Ukraine have developed a drone capable of effortlessly flying to Russian Siberia. The drone's flight range is 3000 km.

It's worth mentioning that President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the unveiling of a new weapon capable of striking targets at a distance of over 100 kilometers.

As a reminder, modernized Ukrainian naval drones can now deliver almost a ton of explosives over 1,000 kilometers.

It was also reported that Ukraine's Security Service maritime drones have no analogs in the West and are invisible to enemy detection systems. Currently, the Security Service is armed with Sea Baby and "Mamay" sea drones.


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