1 mar, 16:51

Drone education program to be introduced in five Ukrainian schools – digital minister

1 mar, 08:40

France to send 100 Delair attack drones to Ukraine

28 feb, 08:42

Air defense downs all Russian drones in attack on Ukraine's south

26 feb, 16:46

Solutions to win: Ukraine catches up to Russia in kamikaze attack drone production

26 feb, 09:52

Russian forces strike grain hangars in Kharkiv region

Photo, video
26 feb, 08:25

Russian drones and rockets attack Ukraine: four injured in Dnipro, couple killed in Sumy

25 feb, 12:34

Ukraine to produce 1 million drones per year – digital minister

25 feb, 10:10

Kyiv police send one day's salary of all its employees to UNITED24 drones fundraiser

25 feb, 08:27

Ukrainian air defense downs 16 out of 18 Russian drones launched overnight

24 feb, 21:00

United to win: Ukraine and German company join forces to utilize AI in locally-produced drones

22 feb, 14:59

United24 charity platform starts fundraiser for 35 naval drones

21 feb, 16:24

Over 300,000 drones contracted via nationwide "Army of Drones" initiative – digital minister

21 feb, 15:33

Czech millionaire donates $2 million for FPV drones for Ukraine through retweet fundraiser

Photos, video
20 feb, 16:14

Solutions to win: "Dyki Shershni" Charity Fund unveils Ukrainian-made flight controller for drones

20 feb, 11:51

Russian bombing kills family of five in front-line Sumy region

20 feb, 08:57

United to win: Canada to send 800 drones worth $95 mln to Ukraine

18 feb, 15:24

Ukraine to receive the latest drones from France in a few weeks

18 feb, 14:58

Solutions to win: Ukrainian analogs of Russian "Lancet" drones successfully pass initial testing

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