Alice Smahina

8 sep, 12:59

"We're going to work 'till the end": how a Kherson community makes "firewood" with hay

7 sep, 12:42

Creative hub for community development: exploring the impact of internally displaced persons’ solution on Berezhany

6 sep, 16:20

Windows for Ukraine: Polish volunteers provide used windows for Ukrainian houses affected by the war

5 sep, 16:02

New housing for IDPs: communal buildings are transformed into eco-friendly multi-apartment buildings

2 sep, 09:48

Start with yourself: how activists from Zaporizhzhia adjust their region to climate change

31 aug, 16:56

"If not me, then who?": Building Ukraine Together NGO rebuilds the country and eliminates barriers between people

30 aug, 13:39

Knitted graffiti and thousands of new knitters: Knitted Things for Soldiers project keeps up with volunteer work

25 aug, 14:13

Knight tournaments and charity bike rides: ten creative fundraisers for the benefit of the Ukrainian army

23 aug, 15:22

TatoHub: community spaces across Ukraine help families cope with the psychological challenges of war

23 aug, 10:04

"The path will teach everything:" Ukrainian travelers raise money for the army by hiking

22 aug, 12:56

VSELI HUB: teenagers in the Chernihiv region village created a special youth space

18 aug, 14:22

“Nezlamni”: how Trostianets community restores psychological well-being of its residents

16 aug, 15:18

Linguicide: signs in Kyiv and a mobile app tell about Russia's attempts to destroy the Ukrainian language

16 aug, 10:06

"Something and someone must remain. They need to be remembered:" Zaneslo v Selo project captures the world of the Volyn village

In Handy
15 aug, 12:45

Lack of sleep due to shelling: how to help the body and recover in time

She's got it
14 aug, 15:32

"I was told: 'Who cares about Ukrainian, it's not even Russian'": How Ukrainian women teach foreigners the Ukrainian language

She's got it
4 aug, 10:46

STEM girls: Ukrainian initiative overcomes gender stereotypes in science and technology studies specialties

1 aug, 13:33

Two hours of carefree childhood: the children's support project helps young Ukrainians during the war

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