Alice Smahina

25 nov, 13:55

Coffee, Facebook, and helping army: how Lutsk volunteers raise millions for Ukrainian forces

23 nov, 15:08

Returning deported Ukrainians with no documents home: Ukraine's Ministry of Reintegration instructs

21 nov, 08:00

Solutions for Dignity and Freedom in 2022: 21 surprising facts

20 nov, 10:45

Helping children during war: how to get aid and how it works?

We've got it
17 nov, 10:05

How students are approaching Ukraine's victory: 20 solutions — from innovations to concerts

15 nov, 13:36

I'm stuck in elevator: what to do and how to stay calm?

11 nov, 16:40

Helping the Kherson region: how volunteers fundraise for essentials and what else can be done?

7 nov, 15:31

Business without electricity: how does it work?

2 nov, 17:33

Light and warmth from what is at hand: simple life hacks for everyone

In Handy
1 nov, 15:53

How to save food without fridge, and fridge without electricity? Simple solutions

What's Happening
31 oct, 19:46

Massive missile attack on Ukraine, nuclear plant eco-disaster and grain deal: timeline and solutions of October 31

What's Happening
30 oct, 19:47

russia blocking the "grain corridor"&the Ukrainian flag for $69,000: timeline of the events of October 30 and major solutions

What's Happening
29 oct, 20:01

When Kherson will be free? Crimean ships are on fire: timeline of the events of October 29 and major solutions

What's Happening
28 oct, 19:37

Biggest war escalation since February and tulips for Ukraine: Timeline and solutions of October 28

28 oct, 17:00

"My weapon is my song": 10 stories of how Ukrainians defend the Motherland by singing

In Handy
28 oct, 08:15

Grandparents' Day: 10 ways to support older people during war

What’s Happening
27 oct, 19:22

Are russians fleeing Kherson and how will Boris Johnson continue to help Ukraine? Timeline and solutions of October 27

What's Happening
26 oct, 19:32

NASAMS from US and Poland's recognition of russian regime as terrorist: timeline and solutions of October 26

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