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Contraception Day: 25 unexpected solutions from around the world

Contraceptive earrings, special underwear, and Australian grass. It will be hot!

The problem of contraception is not new. Remedies for unwanted pregnancies were in demand in ancient Egypt, and in the Middle Ages, people already used prototypes of modern condoms to protect against "bad diseases."

Карикатура початку XX ст. Жінка відбивається від лелеки, що приніс їй дитину.

Caricature of the early XX century. The woman is fighting off the stork that brought her a child.

But World Contraception Day came about not so long ago; it was officially launched in 2007. The day celebrated annually on September 26 isn't so much a holiday as a long-term campaign aimed at all women and men of reproductive age. Its goal is to maximize people's awareness of methods of contraception, reduce the high level of unplanned pregnancies, and, consequently, reduce the number of abortions. Its main motto is: "Contraception: It's Your Life, it's your responsibility."

On this occasion, RUBRYKA tells about the 25 most interesting methods of contraception.

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