30 dec, 16:44

Germany allocates €24 mln to restore Ukraine's energy grid

28 dec, 16:50

Germany freezes €4 bln worth of Russian assets

21 dec, 19:28

Germany provides Ukraine with 120 Marder infantry fighting vehicles

21 dec, 10:58

Germany allocates €88 mln in aid for winter energy security in Ukraine

18 dec, 18:48

United to win: Rheinmetall secures large order for tens of thousands of artillery shells for AFU

16 dec, 21:29

WHO and Germany donate 20 ambulances to Ukraine to ensure combat medical care

15 dec, 17:16

Germany and France team up to produce 350,000 artillery shells for Ukraine

15 dec, 15:20

Germany sends €6.1 mln winter aid package to Ukraine

14 dec, 18:25

Zelensky arrives in Germany on an unannounced visit

13 dec, 16:23

Germany to send second Patriot air defense system by end of the year – Scholz

Special project
11 dec, 16:36

Raped in occupation: Ukrainian producer creates documentary about the consequences of three wars

9 dec, 14:47

Germany must be prepared to provide more help to Ukraine "when others weaken" – Scholz

8 dec, 14:44

Germany provides Ukrainian military with 100,000 first aid kits in new support package

7 dec, 19:49

Germany allocates €17 mln to house Ukrainian refugees

6 dec, 21:49

Germany and EU Bank provide €20 mln grant to support Ukraine’s energy transition

5 dec, 18:20

United to win: Ukraine partners with Rheinmetall to launch domestic production of armored vehicles

2 dec, 18:31

United to win: Germany enhances military support to Ukraine with vehicles, shells, and anti-drone systems

2 dec, 16:22

United to win: Germany trains second group of Ukrainian military on Patriot air defense system

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