20:55 29 Apr 2024

United to win: Germany delivers significant military aid package to Ukraine

Germany reported on the transfer of a new package of military aid to Ukraine. In particular, additional means of anti-aircraft defense, ammunition, and armored vehicles were transferred.

This is reported on the official website of the German government.

As noted, the list includes:

  • 10 Marder infantry fighting vehicles with shells and spare parts;
  • ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks;
  • 7,500 shells of 155 mm caliber;
  • 2 SKYNEX anti-aircraft missile complexes with ammunition;
  • almost 30,000 shells for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns;
  • missiles for the IRIS-T SLM air defense system;
  • air surveillance radar station TRML-4D;
  • Beaver bridging tank with spare parts;
  • DACHS armored engineering vehicle;
  • Nine mine plows;
  • self-defense systems for AMPS helicopters;
  • 60 outboard motors;
  • 600 LED lamps;
  • Six tractors for transporting M1070 tanks;
  • 18,000 cartridges of 40 mm caliber;
  • 3,000 RGW 90 portable anti-tank hand grenade launchers;
  • 120-millimeter mortar ammunition;
  • almost 2,000 camouflage nets;
  • 2,000 raincoats;
  • 100,000 first-aid kits.
  • This is the first update to the list submitted since April 10.

It should be noted that Germany has budgeted more than 7 billion euros for military aid to Ukraine for this year.

For reference:

Germany is Ukraine's second-largest aid partner, providing not only financial assistance but also technological support. In total, Germany has committed/allocated 28 billion euros for military aid to Ukraine.

It's important to mention that Warsaw and Berlin have formed a coalition of armored vehicles to assist Ukraine. The opening of the Coalition of Armored Vehicles in Support of Ukraine in Warsaw involved developing a united stance on increasing Ukraine's armed forces' technical capabilities by providing specific armored vehicles and establishing a repair system.

Moreover, Paris and Berlin recently agreed to enable the French-German company KNDS, which creates, particularly tanks, to establish a production unit in Ukraine.

In addition, Germany will pay for the purchase of 180,000 ammunition at the Czech Republic's initiative as part of its aid to Ukraine.

It is worth adding that Germany recently announced that it will immediately transfer another Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.


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