29 feb, 22:22

Over 270 Ukrainians killed by mines, explosives during full-scale war – State Emergency Service

29 feb, 17:14

Ukrainian rescuers dismantle an unexploded 500 kg bomb Russia dropped on Zaporizhzhia

27 feb, 12:43

Australian billionaire donates over $3 million to demining in Ukraine

22 feb, 13:58

"Match to the best Western analogs": Ukrainian engineers introduce new demining machine

17 feb, 19:57

United to win: 15 partner countries join mine action coalition, signing agreement to assist in Ukraine's demining

16 feb, 11:30

Hungary joins Ukraine's demining coalition

13 feb, 11:36

Ukraine is developing AI technology to support demining

8 feb, 10:59

United to win: EU sends MV-10 demining system to Ukraine

3 feb, 16:10

United to win: Sweden donates advanced demining machine to Ukraine

26 jan, 14:44

Ukrainian sappers to start demining liberated territories with Swiss-supplied machines

21 jan, 17:42

Ukraine's current 3,500 sappers cannot keep up with demands – Ministry of Economy

9 jan, 16:10

Romania, Türkiye, and Bulgaria call for collaborative demining of the Black Sea

3 jan, 21:44

Ukrainian Navy plans to demine Black Sea trade routes in six months – spokesman

24 dec, 10:58

Iceland joins two coalitions supporting Ukraine

23 dec, 19:00

Ukraine demined 200,000 hectares of agricultural land in 2023

18 dec, 13:32

Ukraine and UNICEF launch online course on children's mine safety

17 dec, 16:30

Solutions to win: Kyiv charity exhibition raises funds for sappers' ammunition

5 dec, 13:42

Slovenia allocates €1.5 million to Ukraine for humanitarian demining

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