2 may, 16:53

Why does Ukraine need foreign jet fighters?

30 apr, 15:53

Danish instructors train Ukrainian soldiers in Britain to seize and secure positions

30 apr, 11:57

"Go home before it's too late": Czech president leaves message to Russians on military equipment

29 apr, 17:27

There are three causes of death in war: special forces officer on the needs of the army

29 apr, 16:14

Canadian sapper-instructors train Ukrainian soldiers in mine safety in Poland

29 apr, 09:18

Russians loot houses in occupied Luhansk region – General Staff

29 apr, 09:09

Experts call Amnesty's report on criticizing Ukraine's army "imprecise and ambiguous" – NYT

27 apr, 20:26

Russia to recruit 400,000 troops for its war in Ukraine – The Washington Post

25 apr, 20:15

Pro Women UA launches online intensive course for military women, veterans, and families.

24 apr, 10:26

Ukrainian veteran with prosthetic leg runs London Marathon to fundraise for wounded soldiers

22 apr, 13:32

Finland pledges €78 mln in defense aid to Ukraine

22 apr, 09:06

Russian border guards block wounded Russian soldiers from re-entering Russia - Ukraine's General Staff

21 apr, 15:32

US to begin training Ukrainian troops on Abrams tanks

18 apr, 17:56

Over 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers missing, up to 65% believed to be captured

18 apr, 14:14

Ukrainian doctor uses vacuum therapy to save limbs of wounded soldiers

17 apr, 15:26

Ukraine's armed forces participate in largest military training in Sweden in 25 years

17 apr, 14:51

Doctors successfully implant prosthesis into patient's bone in medical first for Ukraine

17 apr, 13:50

Ukraine procures equipment to collect and store soldiers' DNA samples

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