22:59 18 May 2023

Solution to win: Italy will join training Ukrainian troops


Italy will take part in EU training programs for Ukraine in Brussels along with Poland and Germany.

It has also decided to train Ukrainian recruits in schools and at military facilities in the country, Guido Crosetto, Italian defense minister, says.

What is the problem?

A tough war is going on in Ukraine. Conducting military training for Ukraine's soldiers is crucial. However, at the beginning of the full-scale war, Russian forces launched rockets at the military units, which made it impossible for the defenders to have high-quality training.

What is the solution?

European countries came to the rescue. Ukrainian soldiers train in Great Britain, where instructors from other countries help them. Italy also joined the initiative.

As the minister noted, the defense department is currently considering the possibility of participating in the European initiative to train Ukrainian soldiers "with the dispatch of staff personnel to commands in Brussels, Poland, and Germany."

How does it work?

Italy can also propose specialized training modules that will be conducted, however, in schools and at military facilities on its territory, Crosetto said.

The national contribution to the initiatives implemented by the European Union provides, starting in 2023, participation in a new mission of military assistance to Ukraine aimed at supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces through training activities and increasing their potential through operations conducted in a distributed manner on the territory of different member states of the Union, Crosetto explained.

After talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Rome, Giorgia Meloni, Italian Prime Minister, expressed confidence in Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia.

I am convinced that Ukraine will win, recover even stronger, and be more prosperous. The future of Ukraine is the future of peace and freedom, and it is the European future. And there are no other possible solutions, Meloni said.

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