14:47 01 Nov 2023

Russian army deployment sites in Crimea hit by rocket attacks

Photo: Crimean Wind

On Wednesday morning, November 1, the Russian occupiers reported a missile attack on the Crimean Peninsula. 

Eyewitnesses claim that the impact was at the Russian military bases in the area of the Arabat Spit, "Crimean Wind" reports.

According to available information, some of the missiles probably reached their targets in the occupied part of the Kherson region. According to preliminary data, two recreation centers on the Arabat Spit, where the Russian occupiers were located, were hit.

Referring to the testimony of locals, "Crimean Wind" reports that ambulances and fire engines rushed from Henichesk toward the places of probable strikes.

"Today's attack was successful: the sites of the Russian military deployment in at least two captured resort facilities on the Arabats Spit were hit, probably by rocket strikes," the statement said.

Село Стрілкове Херсонщина

Strilkove village, Kherson region Photo: Deepstatemap.live

The initial reports show the missiles flew to two recreation centers in the village of Strilkove, Kherson region, where the occupying forces were stationed.

"Missiles hit two recreation centers — boarding houses 'Yunyi' and "Blakytne Plumia" in the village of Strilkovo. Russians captured these children's sanatoriums, and their troops are located there," said residents of the Henichesk community, quoted by "Crimean Wind."

Село Стрілкове Херсонської області майже на кордоні з Кримом

The village of Strilkove, Kherson region, is almost on the border with Crimea. Photo: Deepstatemap.live

Meanwhile, the attack was still ongoing as of 12:38 p.m. Drones were spotted over the Arabat Spit.

In turn, the so-called "governor" of the Russian occupation authorities in Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced after 11 a.m. about a smoke screen in the area of Sevastopol Bay.

Local media also claimed the movement of rockets from the Henichesk district through the Arabat Spit in the direction of Crimea. A smoke screen was allegedly used over the Crimean Bridge.

What we know about the situation in Crimea

On Monday, October 30, explosions were heard in several locations in the occupied Crimea. Thus, a series of blasts were reported in Sevastopol, Saki, and Novofedorivka.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully hit a strategic Russian air defense system in Crimea.

The partisans also made a sortie in Perevalne, near Simferopol, where the Russian base of the 126th Coastal Defense Brigade of the Russian Navy is located.

On September 22, explosions were heard in Crimea. Later, it was revealed that the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation was hit in Sevastopol, as well as in other parts of the peninsula.

The strike on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol killed 34 Russian officers.

Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, said there were no safe places for the Russian occupiers in Crimea. The pressure exerted by the Defense Forces of Ukraine makes it difficult to use the Crimean peninsula as a logistics hub.


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