11:45 23 Oct 2023

Ukraine's armed forces continue pushing Russian troops from occupied Kherson region – spokesperson

Natalia Humeniuk, the joint press center chief at the Ukrainian army's South Operational Command

The Ukrainian forces continue repelling the Russian troops from the occupied left bank of the Kherson region, says the AFU spokesperson.

Spokesperson for the southern grouping, Natalia Humeniuk, said the combat operations were ongoing. Rubryka reports.

"We have ongoing combat work, which cannot be disclosed. We continue to push back the enemy with counter-battery fighting to destroy their reserves," Humeniuk said.

According to her, Ukrainian fighters destroyed one Russian field combat supply point, a drone control point, and an observation point during the past day.

The spokeswoman noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces conduct highly targeted, point-based work, hitting the enemy and not harming the civilian population. She said it was possible to eliminate one and a half dozen occupiers, seven armored vehicles, and seven large-caliber guns.

"We are trying to reduce the enemy's potential as much as possible, with which they can harm the [Ukraine-controlled] right bank and civilians," Humeniuk added.

Meanwhile, she said that the Russians had been accumulating forces, which they had pulled up to the left bank, for a long time.

According to her, the Russian occupiers carry out maneuvers under the cover of the civilian population, complicating the Ukrainian combat work. Humeniuk emphasized that the Ukrainian effort would last long but would be successful.

As Rubryka reported, analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) stated that units of two Ukrainian marine infantry brigades probably carried out an assault across the Dnipro River on the left bank of the Kherson region on October 17-18.

In turn, the Ukrainian General Staff reported that during the past day, October 21, Ukrainian defenders destroyed seven Russian artillery systems, a radar station, an ammunition depot, and an anti-aircraft missile complex; about 80 combat clashes took place on the front.

The General Staff also reported that the Ukrainian forces eliminated almost 1,000 more occupiers in the past day, so the total losses of Russian troops since the beginning of the full-scale war amounted to about 294,000 soldiers. The Russians suffered the greatest losses near Avdiivka.


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